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Efficacy and function of bananas Banana with soy milk to lose weight

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Efficacy and function of bananas Banana with soy milk to lose weight

Now that the pace of life is accelerating, and work or others, most of them are sitting. As time goes by, the body shape begins to change, especially the more and more flesh on the belly. This is anxious for many women who love beauty. Today Introduce this to you, banana with soy milk, lose 5 catties overnight, constipation is also cured!

   1. Depression:

   People suffering from depression feel much better after eating bananas. Because bananas contain amino acids, they will be converted into serum promoters, which relaxes and improves mood.

  2, stool:

   Banana is very high in fiber, which can help restore normal gastrointestinal activities and eliminate constipation without taking laxatives.

  3, hangover:

   Banana milk color and honey can hangover in real time. Banana relaxes the stomach, and honey raises blood sugar levels, soothes the spirit and prepares charcoal compounds.

   4. Angina:

  Banana has a natural acidity to the body and has analgesic effect.

  5. Lack of color in the morning:

   After breakfast, before lunch, eating a small amount of bananas can maintain blood sugar levels.

   6. Anemia:

   Banana has high iron content, which can stimulate hemoglobin in the blood.

  7, high blood pressure:

   Bananas contain a very high amount of potassium, but they are low in salt, which is ideal for lowering blood pressure. Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration announced that it would allow the banana industry to advertise that bananas can reduce the chance of high blood pressure and stroke.
There is no good way to lose weight. Use bananas and soy milk to lose 5 pounds overnight. A healthy weight-loss recipe made with these two foods can not only lose weight but also cure constipation. Let’s take a look at its Weight loss. How to eat.

   1. Weight loss practices

   Ingredients: 1 banana, 100ml of sugar-free soy milk (you can adjust the amount as you like, and if you like a refreshing taste, you can add 20-l00ml of soy milk).


   1. Peel the banana. Use a spoon to press into a paste in the cup.

  2. Pour the soy milk into a cup containing bananas and stir. The banana and soy milk can be fused and you can drink it.

   Banana soy milk will oxidize and turn into a brown color after standing for a while, so it is recommended to drink it immediately.

  2, three ways to drink for weight loss

   1. Drink 1~2 cups of breakfast to lose weight easily.

   For people who don’t usually eat breakfast, it is nourishing and slimming, and it can also treat constipation.

  2, the effect of drinking before dinner is doubled.

   A drink 30 minutes to 1 hour before dinner can increase satiety and reduce the amount of dinner intake. Banana soy milk can also be used instead of dinner, but you should pay attention to the nutritional intake of the other two meals to be balanced.

  3. Drink when you feel hungry, it will not accumulate diet.

   Banana soy milk is a drink that can give you a feeling of fullness. It is most suitable for drinking when you are hungry, so you don't have to endure the feeling of fasting and accumulate too much weight loss pressure.

Healthy weight loss

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