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What to eat to lose weight

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What to eat to lose weight

   Pay attention to the following points

   1. When frying rice, make sure that the rice is dry;

  2, you must keep frying, otherwise the bottom will be burnt;

  3. The rice must be fried until it turns yellow. As for whether it is light yellow or dark yellow, it depends on your taste. If you like to eat rice crackers, stir-fry dark yellow, and if you don’t like it, stir-fry light yellow.

   4. When cooking, just like the usual way of cooking porridge.

  Fried rice

  1. Don't put oil in the pot, put the rice and stir-fry over a medium-low heat;

  2, constantly stir fry with a shovel;

   3. When the rice is browned, the rice is ready.

   Pour boiling water into the fried rice and soak it for a while, it is fried rice tea. Stir-fried rice tea, you can drink it at work. You can lose weight without delaying work, and quench your thirst.

   Let's make fried rice porridge again, boil a pot of water in a pot, add the fried rice to a boil, reduce the heat to boil the porridge until thick.

   pay attention

   1. The fried rice should be allowed to cool before cooking the porridge, otherwise the soup will be easy to paste;

  2. The fried rice will not be as sticky as ordinary rice, so the water in the fried rice porridge should be less than usual.

   This thing can be eaten as much as you want, and it can be eaten with any dish, including meat and fried products that you don’t dare to eat. It’s the best for Weight loss!

The principle of Weight loss: In the process of frying, all the starch contained in the rice is destroyed and decomposed (of course, other nutrients have also been severely destroyed, so it is said to be a kind of nutritious thing), and become了Activated carbon. Activated charcoal can suck the fat attached to the stomach and intestines and excrete it from the body. Therefore, it special "scrape intestines and oil", relieve heat and quench thirst, and protect the stomach

lose weight

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