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What to eat to lose weight eat banana in the morning to lose weight

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What to eat for Weight loss Eating bananas in the morning is a simple way to lose weight-eat only bananas for breakfast and drink warm water. Because bananas are rich in dietary fiber and potassium, in addition to losing weight, bananas can also relieve constipation and eliminate edema.

   The basic way to lose weight by eating bananas in the morning

   What to eat for weight loss Eat a ripe banana every morning after getting up (don’t eat raw bananas), and drink a glass of about 200 ml of white water (choose warm white water) after 15 minutes.

  Other rules

   If you don’t like bananas, you can also use another fruit instead (but choose low-sugar and high-fiber fruits, such as apples, kiwis, etc.)

   If you want to eat other foods for breakfast, you can eat moderately 15 minutes after eating bananas.

   During the Weight loss period, you can eat any food you want for lunch, and the dinner should be as light as possible and eat before 18 o'clock. You can't eat any food after dinner until before going to bed.

   If you feel hungry in the afternoon, you can eat a tomato as a snack around 3 in the afternoon.

   In addition to diet, we must ensure adequate sleep. We must go to bed before eleven o'clock every night and sleep seven hours a day.

  The benefits of eating bananas in the morning to lose weight

   1. Relieve constipation and swelling

  What to eat for weight loss Banana is a very nutritious fruit. A banana contains about 1 gram of dietary fiber. In addition, it also contains oligosaccharides, so it can improve intestinal peristalsis and effectively relieve constipation.

   Bananas are rich in "potassium" and have a diuretic effect, which can eliminate swelling.

   2. It can supplement the body with low-calorie energy

  What to eat for weight loss? A banana is about 80 calories. When eaten for breakfast, it can replenish enough energy for the body and help improve metabolism. In addition, bananas contain "monosaccharides", so they are easily absorbed by the body and are very suitable for morning consumption. Compared with other fruits, it contains more B vitamins, which helps to improve metabolism and relieve fatigue.

   Eating bananas for breakfast can not only reduce the burden on the stomach, but also reduce weight and fat.

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