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If you want to practice supermodel-class beautiful legs, you need to add massage

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Just exercise is not enough! If you want to practice supermodel-class beautiful legs, you need to add massage

   I usually recommend a lot of exercises to everyone. I suddenly remembered that although I would remind you to remember to warm up and retreat in the article, it did not tell you how to massage the retraction to make your legs beautiful! This time I’m going to tell you how to use massage to prevent soreness after exercise, and at the same time make the orange peel disappear and get supermodel-class beautiful legs.

  STEP1: Double open sitting posture

   I learned this massage from elsewhere. I only found out after I went there. If you want to get rid of the orange peel through massage, you even care about sitting posture! As shown in the picture above, put your back against the wall, press your feet on your left foot, cross your legs slightly, keep your knees still, and push your hands outward from your knees. At this time, your thighs must be pushed inward (equal to hands and thighs). The direction of force is opposite) Never separate your knees successfully! Do 10 sets every 5 seconds and rest for 1 second. This action can help tighten the outer thigh.

  STEP2: The tiger’s mouth clings to the legs, from bottom to top

When massaging, press the tiger's mouth with both hands close to the leg (holding the same leg with both hands) starting from the ankle, use the strength of the tiger's mouth to pinch for three seconds and then release, slowly move up to the position of the outer thigh, especially for the obvious orange peel Do a few more pressure movements in the place where you want to, and repeat the whole massage 2 to 3 times~ I suggest that you can match it with lotion, professional massage oil, or slimming essence to make the stovepipe effect more pronounced!

  STEP3: Put your feet flat

   This posture is a bit similar to the first action, but the ankles here are not crossed, just lay it flat! Open the knee slightly, try to fix it, and then push your hands inward, and then push your knees outwards. Try to maintain the open angle as at the beginning. Stay for 5 seconds and rest for 1 second. Do 10 sets in total. This exercise is exercise. Chain the meat on the inner thigh!

  STEP4: Shiatsu the thigh

   This side is going to massage the thighs! The thumb is on the inner thigh, and the remaining four fingers are placed flat on the outer side. Slowly move up from the ankle. This time, use the power of the thumb. Change to the next position every 3 seconds. The whole massage can be repeated 2 to 3 times. ~

   Isn’t it very simple~~ The supermodel-level beautiful legs are not far from you! ! And as long as you sit down, you can do this kind of micro-muscle exercise + massage and spend 10 minutes before going to bed!

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