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How do you get thin thighs? The fastest way to thin the inner thighs

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How do you get thin thighs? The fastest way to thin the inner thighs

Seeing the sexy legs all over the street, it is fake to say not to envy! But there are really few MMs who are born with thin legs, and thin legs are an important criterion for evaluating a good figure. How can thin thigh fat be the fastest and most effective?

The fat on the inner thigh is the most difficult enemy for many girls to drive away. Instead of complaining about thick legs, it is better to do exercises directly and wait for yourself to have a pair of beautiful legs without fat and only muscles!

Wide squat

Stand with your legs about twice as long as your shoulders, with your toes pointing outwards, as in a squat position, with your body down, holding dumbbells in both hands (or a water bottle filled with water), flexing your legs 90 degrees, heavy Make a set of 20 reps for a total of 3 sets.

Side lunge

Stand with your legs the same width as your shoulders, take a big step to the right, bend your right knee down 90 degrees, repeat 15 times as a set, and do a total of 3 sets. Remember to do both!

Side leg lift

Lie down on your side as shown below, support your head with your right hand, bend your left leg forward, and lift your right leg up. This action varies according to the individual's softness and muscle mass. Remember to lift to the highest level, stay in the air for 1 to 2 seconds and then put it down, repeat 15 times as a set, and do 2 sets in total. After doing the right foot, remember to do the left foot.

Raise leg

Similar to the previous set of actions, after hitting on the side, lie down with your right hand flat, bend your left leg forward, lift your right leg up, and then make a circle. It feels like drawing a circle with the tip of your toe, repeating 10 times as a group. Do 2 groups in total. Remember to do both!

Knee arch bridge

Lie flat on the ground in the same posture as you do for arch bridges, with the soles of your feet supporting the ground, and then open your knees and close them together. Repeat 20 times as a set, and do 3 sets.

Sisters, do you follow along while watching? Don't make any more excuses, get up and exercise quickly!

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