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How to lose weight with thick thigh roots?

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How to lose weight with thick thigh roots?

   What is the reason for the fleshy roots of the thighs? how to lose weight with thick thigh roots? How to reduce the flesh at the root of the thigh? Seeing that the season of bare legs is coming, it will be really late if you don't lose your thighs! Let me share with you the fastest and most effective way to thin your thighs.

   1. Light diet

   Oily, salty and other heavy-tasting diets tend to worsen the circulation of the body. If there is no way to achieve normal metabolism, it will easily lead to the problem of leg edema. Therefore, improving your diet is definitely an important step for those who want to have beautiful legs.

   2. Get more water

  Many people think that edema means drinking too much water, so they dare not take it, but in fact, water is not the culprit of edema. It is necessary to drink according to the basic daily intake to strengthen the body's basic metabolism, so that old waste materials can be discharged.

  3. Strengthen leg massage

Massage can help strengthen the circulation of the legs. It can be combined with a dedicated leg massage and maintenance. Massage every day. The basic massage method is to divide the leg part into 2 zones. Use both hands to encircle the leg, from the ankle to the knee, from the bottom to the bottom. Push up hard, and then push from the knee to the base of the thigh in the same way to help blood circulation.

   4. Do more leg lifts

After the massage, if you feel that it is not enough, it is recommended to use the leg lifting movement. You can lie on the bed, lift the leg up, and put it on the wall, as long as the leg is higher than the heart, and lift it for about 10 minutes. , Strengthen blood circulation.

   5. Varicose veins socks matching

For long-term work such as cabinet sisters, teachers, service industry, etc., they often feel that their legs are swollen and uncomfortable. You can use varicose vein stockings or compression pants to relieve them. However, it is recommended to choose a single product with an appropriate compression level according to the doctor’s recommendation. Don't wear it for the sake of stovepipe.

   6. Leg care coordination

When doing leg massage, direct pushing and pulling can easily cause skin pull and cause injury. In addition to using body milk as a lubricating nourishment, if you want to enhance the benefit of thin legs, you can use special leg care. Among them, A single product containing caffeine and white ginger root extract can help reduce edema and make the stovepipe plan more effective.

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