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How to reduce the fat on both sides of the waist? How to lose fat on both sides of the waist?

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How to reduce the fat on both sides of the waist? How to lose fat on both sides of the waist?

   Seeing that the fat is almost impossible to hide, how can the loose flesh on both sides of the waist be reduced? I am lazy and do not exercise every day, coupled with the accumulation of fat, my body is getting more and more out of shape, how to reduce the fat on both sides of the waist?

  【Not only your face but also your figure betrays your age! 】

   I only care about face care every day, but ignore body care? The figure that gradually loses shape definitely pulls points for the image. Many MMs have the trouble of sagging belly meat, they love to accumulate fat in their belly, and if they don't have any exercise habits, they will naturally pull it loose!

   Seeing that the fat can't be hidden anymore, the season for showing waist is not far away, just sucking your belly can't cover your pork belly. I don't want layers of fat to come out, so I don't want to quickly figure out how to tighten the flesh on the waist and stomach?

   [Quit these NG habits before getting thinner! 】

   1. Eat with a large bowl

   Whether you are at home or outside, you must pay attention to the container for the rice. A survey of obese people shows that almost all obese people like to eat in large bowls.

   Many people think that only if your bowl is big enough can you hold more dishes. As everyone knows, this is the culprit that can't eliminate belly fat. Using a large bowl will take in more food and accumulate in your stomach, which will be converted into fat on your waist. In order to avoid this situation, choose small plates or bowls to eat in order to control your appetite.

   2. Drink carbonated drinks often

   Do you think that if you don’t drink a cup of food every day, you will feel that there is something less in your life? Many people like to drink carbonated drinks, and if they don’t drink it, they feel that there is less food in their mouths. If so, you have to pay extra attention to your body. According to research, a person who drinks one or two cans of soda a day has a waist circumference that is 5 times thicker than that of a person who does not drink soda! This research is based on the fact that the large amount of sugar in carbonated drinks makes you want to eat more, so you don’t know. Eat more without knowing it.

   3. Eat something in the middle of the night

   Sleeping after eating a full meal will not only accumulate fat in the abdomen, but also risk gastroesophageal reflux.

  Of course, lying down after dinner can also cause this symptom. To avoid this, do not lie down for at least 3 hours after a meal. If you are hungry in the middle of the night, you can use fruit instead of snacks to satisfy your appetite.

   4. I love to drink iced drinks

   This is a taboo of all celebrities and models, absolutely can not drink ice! Many celebrities say that they only drink warm drinks.

  In fact, ice products can cause physical harm to girls, so I started to quit this bad habit and started with warm water!

   5. Long-term sedentary

   For office workers, they often need to sit and use computers. This can easily lead to poor sitting posture and lack of exercise.

After a long period of time, the waist circumference of the abdomen will of course become larger. First, the waist should be firm when sitting in the office. Remind yourself to shrink your abdomen at any time. In addition, it will naturally help to develop a habit of regular exercise and fitness.

   [Thin waist, do these exercises! 】

  1, lying down space walk

   Lie flat on the yoga mat, slightly raise the back, and lift the legs up to do cross steps, just like a ballet, remember to straighten your legs. The action lasts for 45 seconds, and it is recommended to do 50-60 sets each time.

  2, weight-bearing sit-ups

   Lie on your back, with your hands and legs tilted up. Hold dumbbells (mineral water bottles filled with water) in both hands, curl your abdomen, bend your legs 90°, stretch your hands forward to touch your toes.

  3, back extension

   Raise your legs up at a 90-degree right angle, raise your back, and try your best to touch your toes with your hands. The action lasts for 45 seconds, and it is recommended to do 20-30 sets each time.

  4, bend legs and abdomen

   This bending leg abdomen method exercises the lower abdominal muscles. First, keep your upper body still, place your hands on both sides of your body, let the back bend your legs and tuck your abdomen. When the legs are down, straighten your legs without touching the ground. At the same time, use your abdomen to control. Do fifteen in each group and repeat three groups. You can rest for thirty to forty seconds in between.

  5, side-lying and lifting

   Lie on your side, with your legs and arms on the same side as support, lift your straddle upwards. The action lasts 45 seconds, and it is recommended to do 20-30 times each time.

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