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Three minutes sooner or later! Correct bad leg shape to make your legs more perfect

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Three minutes sooner or later! Correct bad leg shape to make your legs more perfect

   If your legs are O-shaped or X-shaped, whether it is slight or very obvious, it also means that your pelvis has a problem! In addition to possible congenital factors, some bad postures and living habits are also the main culprits for changing leg shape!

   It turns out that simple exercises that only take three minutes a day can not only improve or avoid pelvic displacement, but also thin the legs. It definitely kills two birds with one stone!

  The first trick: put the soles of the feet together

   First, sit down or lie down, then put the soles of your feet together.

   Then press the left and right feet to the left and right sides of the body, until the entire thigh is against the floor, repeat the movement 10 times on each side.

  The second trick: turn your legs out

   First sit down with your legs bent as shown in the figure, and then turn your legs out. You can also choose to sit or lie down to do it, so that you will feel that your hamstrings are being tightened.

   The lower leg position was also bent and slapped up and down to the ground. Such simple movements can not only increase body flexibility, but also greatly help pelvic correction.

   In addition, wearing tights that can improve pelvic problems while sleeping is also helpful. Its oppressive feeling can help reduce foot edema. Continuous use and coordinated exercises can not only improve the O-shaped and X-shaped legs, but also make the legs look more slender and slender!

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