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How to reduce the meat on the chin? The fastest way to thin your chin

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How to reduce the meat on the chin? The fastest way to thin your chin

To count the body parts that girls care about most, in addition to the legs, waist and arms, the most conspicuous position is the chin. Unlike other body parts, which can be covered by clothing, just a small movement, your double The chin will be out of shape.

   Don’t want to leave indelible evidence when taking pictures, come and learn how to create a V face and wipe out your double chin completely!

  Action 1:

   Inhale, extend the neck to the maximum, lift the chin, and hold for 5 seconds.

   Exhale, press the chin down toward the neck.

   Repeat the action 10 times.

   This action helps to eliminate neck wrinkles and tighten the chin line.

  Action 2:

   Open the mouth at a horizontal angle, and bend the corners of the mouth as far as possible downward.

   raises his head and exhales, his mouth is in an "O" shape for 20 seconds.

   Repeat the action 10 times.

   This action helps prevent the accumulation of fat in the chin.

   Action 3:

   looked forward, turned his head to the right, assisted with his right hand, and gently pressed down.

   Change sides and do it again, holding each side for 10 seconds.

   This action helps stretch the muscles on the side of the chin, tighten the facial lines, and relieve shoulder and neck pain.

  Action 4:

   Massage the position directly under the chin and neck back and forth with hands for about 30 seconds.

   This action helps to tighten the line of the chin, create a V-shaped face, and massage the lymphatic area at the same time.

  Action five:

   Clench your fist, use the bent position of your fingers to gently press the chin and neck position, repeat about 20 times.

   Lightly press the first 10 times, and then quickly press it 10 times.

  Be careful with the use of attention, don't hurt yourself!

  This action can make the contours of the chin and neck more distinct.

   Action 6:

   Prepare a ball of moderate size and clamp it with the chin, and then move the ball left and right by the force of the chin.

   As the movements have a certain degree of difficulty, you can practice slowly and then increase the speed. Be careful not to strain your neck bone!

  This action can also make the contours of the chin and neck sharper.

   Action Seven:

  Pinch up his lips like a fish, lift them up, as close to the nose as possible, the closer the distance is, the better, for about 5 seconds.

   This action can tighten the chin line.

   As long as you take a little time every day, you can also do the above actions anytime and anywhere to slim down your face.

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