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How to reduce too much butt meat? Tips for thin ass

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How to reduce too much butt meat? Tips for thin ass

   Seeing that the day to wear shorts is approaching again, when putting on shorts, in addition to having beautiful legs, you must also have beautiful buttocks! But everyone often overlooks the importance of the buttocks, causing the buttocks muscles to relax and the lines are not good-looking, so the editor finds several ways to help everyone practice the buttocks, and be 100% ready for the summer!

   The correct walking posture can make the hips beautiful. To correct the wrong walking posture, we have to open the shoulders and straighten the body when walking, and cannot bend forward and hunch back.

  Climbing the stairs helps to exercise your beautiful buttocks! Since walking the stairs will cause swelling of the legs, we should pay attention to when walking the stairs, the heels should leave the stairs and not stick to the ground in the air. This will have the effect of lifting the hips.

   Different buttocks have different exercise methods. First understand the shape of your buttocks and then prescribe the right medicine:

   Buttocks are too backward

   Due to long-term lack of exercise and aging of the body, the pelvic bones and abdominal muscles droop forward, the waist is twisted, and the hips protrude backward. The following set of actions can effectively exercise the buttocks muscles and tighten the buttocks. Do each of the left and right feet 3 times a day to effectively improve the problem of excessive buttocks.

   sagging buttocks type

  With age, the buttocks will droop due to aging, coupled with lack of exercise, and only use the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius when walking, that is, the muscles in front of the legs, causing the buttocks to droop. Since the hip muscles are not used frequently, the muscles are softened and cellulite accumulates in the hips. This type of buttocks is easy to handle. As long as you exercise more buttocks muscles, the sagging situation will be improved.

   Slowly lift the right leg backwards, repeating 10 times for each left and right. At first, it can be done close to the wall. Press the left hand against the wall and the right hand on the waist. Slowly lift the left and right legs backwards, leveraging the wall.

   Flat buttocks

   Flat buttocks are caused by hip joint deformation and incorrect sitting posture. Maintaining this movement for 15 seconds can tighten the buttocks and concentrate the muscles in the buttocks. It should be noted that the height of the knee must be the same as the height of the thigh to be effective

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