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Weight loss diet, the reason why you must eat breakfast during weight loss

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In most people's daily lives, lunch and dinner will be the main diet. But in fact, breakfast is very important to maintain a healthy day.

   Weight loss diet Supplementing enough nutrients in the morning can improve the work performance of the human body and calm the mind. At the same time, psychological problems such as frustration and anxiety can be adjusted, and a new day can be greeted calmly.

   What are the benefits of eating breakfast while losing weight?

   1. Increase one day's metabolism

   Breakfast can replenish energy for the body, not only can improve blood circulation, but also warm the body. Helps improve metabolism and basal metabolism speed. Nearly 80% of energy expenditure per day is basal metabolism. As long as you eat breakfast carefully, you can increase your metabolism in your daily life from the morning.

   Eating carbohydrates at breakfast time does not induce obesity, so it is best to eat staple foods at breakfast time during Weight loss.

   2. Helps to shape the muscles

   Breakfast supplements, especially foods rich in protein. Protein has the function of "anabolism" and can be broken down into amino acids in the body to help increase muscle mass and help shape the body.

  Eating breakfast can turn on the anabolic switch in advance, and turn on muscle synthesis throughout the day. It can not only increase muscle mass and reduce fat, but also help to shape the body. Can be thin and stylish.

   To ensure adequate nutrition for breakfast, it must be supplemented with enough protein foods, such as boiled eggs, soy milk, chicken breast, and lean beef.

  3. Promote detoxification and smooth bowel movements

  The detox time for the body is from 10 am to 11 am. Prior to this, intake of enough dietary fiber, fermented food and water to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis can make the stool smooth. It not only relieves constipation, but also promotes the elimination of stool. Therefore, it is recommended to eat more fruits and vegetables and fermented food for breakfast.

  Weight loss diet Many people choose to give up breakfast during the weight loss period, thinking that such a diet can not only reduce calorie intake, but also save time. But in fact, eating a balanced breakfast will not induce obesity, and it will also help lose weight and maintain health.

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