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How to lose one pound a day

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How to lose one pound a day

   Obesity is mainly due to the large amount of body fat, the same weight of fat and muscle, and the large fat cells, which accumulate on the abdomen, back, and legs, which affect the appearance. The internal organs and blood vessels of the body also have fat. If there is too much fat in these two places, it is easy to cause many diseases. For example, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, three highs, diabetes, gout, fatty liver... Since fat is so harmful, are there any tips to lose one catty a day? Let’s take a look.

  1 Eating regularity

   You cannot lose weight by dieting or eating less. If you do not eat, your body will feel that you are in a state of famine, reduce metabolism and save energy consumption, and even deliberately hoard fat for emergency use.

  2 Drink plenty of water

  Why drink more water? Because fat burning will produce carbon dioxide, water and ATP, and more water can help the body's metabolism.

  3 Reduce calorie intake

   The body takes in too much calories, and if it is not used up, it becomes fat accumulation in the body. Calories are a direct source of fat.

  4 Supplement a variety of nutrients

   If you want to lose weight and lose fat, you must give your body enough nutrition. Sufficient nutrition can help fat burning.

  5 moderate exercise

   Moderate exercise can increase calorie consumption. The law of conservation of energy in nature tells us that the only place for energy is to be consumed!

  6 With the help of tools

   In real life, high-nutrient food must be accompanied by high-calorie. Eat less and exercise, and you will definitely eat more when you are tired. Therefore, we must use modern technology to extract nutrients from food and process them into low-calorie, nutritious foods.

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