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What to eat for weight loss Chinese food to eat for weight loss

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What is good for Chinese food to lose weight

   Since Weight loss is the current trend, we must automatically prevent some types of lunches that are decisively rejected during the Weight loss process. Please ignore the following categories:

   When it comes to weight-loss takeaway, salad must be the first to jump into the minds of many people. Salads that have always existed in a delicious and healthy image are not only different in ingredients, but also a hot pit. The calories per 100 grams of mayonnaise is as high as 637 kcal. What a fat trap!

   One meat and two dishes are recommended for lunch and eat for 7 minutes. Remember to match meat and vegetables!

  The following five meat dishes are recommended.

  Chicken: Good for health and will not cause obesity.

  Rabbit meat: low in cholesterol, it is an ideal meat.

  : Beef is low in fat and cholesterol.

   fish: can avoid obesity, prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

   Lean meat: Contains high protein, the fat content decreases after heating.

   Don't eat too fat meat, don't take the skin. Seafood shrimp is rich in nutrition.

   Take it in proportion. A healthy lunch should be based on grains, eat more vegetables, fruits and vegetables, eat meat, eggs, fish and other foods in moderation, and reduce oil, salt, and sugar.

A nutritious lunch should also pay attention to the ratio of 123, which is the distribution of food weight: one-sixth is meat or fish or eggs, two-sixths are vegetables, and three-sixths are rice or noodles or noodles (the ratio of the three It is 1:2:3).

Healthy weight loss

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