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How to lose weight during lactation

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How to lose weight during lactation

   After mastering the techniques of Weight loss during breastfeeding, start to set up a Weight loss plan that suits you and start your weight loss journey.

   1. Start the weight loss plan 6 weeks after the baby is born

   6 weeks after the baby is born is an important period for your body to recover, and it is also a period when the baby grows very quickly. You need adequate nutrition to ensure the body recovers and provide the best care for the baby. During this time, your diet is best characterized by rich nutrition and good digestion. At the same time, the combination of meat and vegetables, sufficient staple food, and sufficient soup water. Learning the correct breastfeeding techniques, increasing the number of sucking times, and breastfeeding on demand can help you avoid insufficient milk.

   6 weeks after the baby is born, your body has basically recovered, and the baby has also established a relatively stable breastfeeding model, you can slowly adjust your weight through healthy eating habits. This process sometimes takes 10 months to 1 year, and the best rate is to lose 0.5 to 1 kilogram per week. Because the rapid weight change in a short time will not only make your body overwhelmed, but it may also affect the quality of your milk and thus affect the growth of your baby. In fact, you have to know that insisting on breastfeeding will consume a lot of your energy, so when you wean your baby, you will often find that you have regained a slim figure.

   6 weeks after the baby is born is an important period for your body to recover

  2. Control energy balance and develop correct eating habits

   You may have heard that people get fat because their energy intake is greater than their consumption, which causes excess energy to be stored as fat. The basic way to control energy is to develop correct eating habits. Because feeding your baby will consume a lot of energy, this in itself is helping you lose weight.

   Regardless of whether you plan to lose weight or not, it is beneficial to develop the eating habit of "eat well in the morning, eat a full lunch, and eat moderately in the evening". Breakfast is essential in the day, skipping breakfast will make you more likely to gain weight. After a night’s consumption, your body has no energy supplement for more than 10 hours, especially if you have to get up at night to feed milk 2 or 3 times. In the morning, you need a carbohydrate-rich breakfast to replenish and store energy. . Skipping breakfast or eating less breakfast will make you feel hungry at lunch, and if you eat too much food at noon, the excess energy will be converted into fat in the body; at the same time, your breakfast is also milk in the morning Adequate important guarantee.

   Dinner should be moderate, and do not eat sweets, fried foods for dinner, it is best to ensure enough soup, not necessarily meat soup, it can be porridge or vegetable soup. If the baby cannot sleep all night, the mother can still drink another glass of milk before going to bed. But because of the reduction in exercise at night, if you do not eat well in the morning and lunch, you will eat too much at dinner, which will cause excessive energy storage and convert it into fat, which will not help your weight loss plan.

  3, moderate exercise is very important

Appropriate exercise is very important to keep your body healthy. If you are a person with a baby, then you have a lot of exercise every day. If someone helps, you'd better spend at least half an hour to exercise on the basis of ensuring sleep. Generally, it is more suitable to choose at night. For example, walking briskly half an hour after dinner. Continuous brisk walking consumes more energy than short-term running and helps to lose weight. And exercise after dinner can consume excess calories in the body.
 4, avoid eating sweets

   Sugar is one of the main sources of energy, but most of the diet is provided by the starch in the staple food (rice noodles), while the sweets are mostly monosaccharides and disaccharides, which can easily increase blood sugar concentration quickly. If you eat too much sweets, it may induce the pancreas to release a large amount of insulin, prompting the conversion of glucose into fat. This must be something you don't want to encounter during weight loss.

   5. Eat slowly

  You can increase the frequency of chewing when eating, and chew slowly. This will not only help you secrete more saliva and gastric juice to digest food, but also help you reduce eating. Food enters the human body and blood sugar rises to a certain level. The appetite center of the brain will signal to stop eating. If you eat too fast, you may have eaten too much food before the brain sends the signal to stop eating. Therefore, eat slowly to prevent you from overeating. You can also consider eating smaller meals more often.

   6. Ensure the diversity of food

  Pay attention to the variety of foods. Don't eat the same food for at least 2 consecutive days. This helps to ensure a balanced nutrition for you, so that you have enough milk to meet your baby's health needs. Your daily food needs include: at least 300 grams of staple food for three meals a day, at least 400 grams of vegetables, one fresh fruit a day, and milk, eggs, beans, meat (fish, chicken, etc.) , Animal meat), at the same time, eat liver, blood products, and mushrooms, fungus, and coarse grains 2 to 3 times a week, as well as an appropriate amount of nuts. Of course, a sufficient amount of soup every day is also very necessary for your milk secretion.

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