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Can you lose weight by practicing yoga?

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Can you lose weight by practicing yoga?

  In life, it is not uncommon for people to have such views on yoga, and if you have practiced yoga, you must know that yoga is not "slow" and yoga can be very intense!

  So why can yoga be able to lose weight?

   First, where is the amount of exercise?

   Many people think that yoga exercises are small because yoga does not have a strong sense of rhythm. Yoga pays attention to the coordination of breathing. Each pose will stop for 3-5 sets of breathing. Those balance poses that you seem to be static actually use the entire core muscle group, and the amount of exercise is no less than those of the intense exercises, especially the flow yoga and Ashtanga yoga. It is sweaty after a lesson.

   Second, exercise to the internal organs

  Yoga is the only fitness method that can exercise the whole body and internal organs. From standing, sitting, supine, forward bending, backward bending, twisting, handstand, arm support, single-leg support and balance, the direction of the body movement has been achieved, plus twisting, forward bending, backward bending and other asanas to the internal organs The massage and squeeze can bring fresh blood to the organs for detoxification and exchange of blood. This is the real reduction of fat from the inside, not just the skin and fat on the outside.

  Third, I got your heart unconsciously

Bikram Yoga allows you to learn to compromise, accept, be grateful, and release. Flow Yoga makes you flow, dynamic and joyful. Ashtanga Yoga gives you concentration, persistence and strength. After practicing yoga, you will be happy and you will learn how to deal with life. , Work problems, there will be no emotional eating, poor sleep and other problems, the diet will naturally become light, prefer organic food. Diet, sleep, and exercise are all taken care of, and Weight loss is a matter of course.

   Fourth, yoga becomes a part of your life

   After practicing yoga, you are more aware of what you think, do, and eat, know what your body needs, and know to ignore it before your thoughts control yourself. Only when we are not dominated by thoughts and desires can we truly begin to take control of our lives. Maybe it is to have a good figure, maybe it is to do what you have always wanted to do. And be kind to others, and bring positive energy wherever you go.

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