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What is the banana weight loss method?

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What is the banana Weight loss method?

   Many people choose to lose weight after the beginning of spring. The short-term way to lose weight can choose fasting to lose weight, that is, one week. The first choice is to drink water to lose weight. Drink only clean water for seven days, and do not eat any food at all, including apples and bananas and some foods that can lose weight. And even if you don’t eat, you can’t drink water at will. Always make sure that the intake of water is approximately your body weight (Kq)× 50ml, which means that if your weight is 50KG, then you should drink at least 50(Kg)×50(m1)) a day, which is 2500ml.

   Yogurt is also a very good way to lose weight, but yogurt is a cold food, which will still be very harmful to the stomach. It is recommended to drink yogurt in moderation. When doing yogurt fasting, drink yogurt in an appropriate amount, which can be controlled at about 250 grams each time. Consistently drink low-fat yogurt in the morning, noon, and night. If you are really hungry, you can drink a little vegetable juice or eat low-calorie fruits.

   Fruit Weight loss is the most common method. It is relatively safe and can see obvious weight loss effects in a short period of time. It is recommended to choose fruit weight loss method. Using apples to lose weight is the most common way to lose weight. Eating apples throughout the day is still possible for most people. After all, it is a daily fruit. Although there are no restrictions on the types, green apples are relatively acidic, so eat less. Better.

   Banana weight loss method loses 20 catties a week

   There are many ways to lose weight. Apples are a good meal replacement food. In fact, bananas can also be used as a meal replacement food. The feeling of fullness is still very strong. You can choose to eat bananas every day to lose weight.

   containing vitamins B1 and B2: Bananas are good for people with edema, which can completely prevent edema and obesity. Promote the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, prevent swelling, and relieve fatigue.

   contains dietary fiber: The most feared thing about weight loss is constipation. Eating a little banana can solve it well. Bananas are rich in dietary fiber, which can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, help eliminate constipation, and lose weight.

   Serotonin: Many people are emotionally unstable when they lose weight. In fact, it is good to eat on time, which stabilizes nerves, promotes sleep, relieves anxiety, and eliminates hunger.

   Banana weight loss method is relatively reliable. It can be used as a good weight loss food. Take bananas for breakfast. There is no limit to the number of bananas. If you don’t want to eat bananas, you can use other fruits instead, one at a time. But before you want to eat other things, eat bananas and eat other foods 15-20 minutes apart.

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