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What kind of tea is best for weight loss

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What kind of tea is best for Weight loss

   Many people either have a lot of belly fat, or have a lot of fat in their legs or arms, or they are too obese. Therefore, weight loss is the primary consideration for these friends. So, if you want to drink tea to lose weight, what kind of tea can best shave oil?

   What kind of tea is best for shaving oil? Here are some teas for shaving oil for weight loss:

  1, Shuangwu Slimming Tea

  Materials: Oolong tea, Polygonum multiflorum, dried hawthorn, wax gourd peel

Production: Put 30g of Polygonum multiflorum, 20g each of dried hawthorn and winter melon skin into a pot and simmer until all the ingredients are soft (about 20 minutes). Remove the medicine residue, and brew the oolong tea while the soup is boiling hot. Do not exceed 5g. If you like a light tea flavor, you can brew the tea for 10 seconds and then pour the tea out for drinking. If you like a heavy flavor, you can keep the tea in it.

   Efficacy: This Shuangwu tea is the top grade to remove autumn dryness and internal heat. Polygonum multiflorum and dried hawthorn are both moisturizing the lungs and denoising, at the same time it can appetite and invigorate the spleen, and improve the digestive function of the intestines and stomach. Paired with wax gourd peel, which is good for removing edema and anti-inflammatory, can help girls who are prone to edema of legs and face improve water circulation in the body. Oolong tea is a fermented tea, which is very rich in trace elements and theophylline, but this tea is suitable for drinking in the free time between meals, so that it can play the best role and not hurt the intestines and stomach.

  2, Qingluo tea

  Materials: dried lotus leaves, oolong tea, loofah peel, watermelon peel

Production: Choose dried lotus leaf 50g, loofah peel and watermelon peel 10g each, oolong tea 5g, cut the lotus leaf into small pieces, then cut the melon peel into cubes, wrap it with oolong tea in gauze and simmer in boiling water for 5 minutes , A tea bag can be boiled 3-5 times, the tea soup can be drunk directly, cooling and thirst quenching effect is very good.

Efficacy: Loofah peel and watermelon peel are both rich in fiber. Paired with lotus leaves that can detoxify and clear the intestines, it can help girls who are prone to constipation and get angry to improve their physique. The dry weather in autumn can easily make girls with heavy internal heat get hot, so this Daoqingluo tea can improve the intestines while expelling toxins and reducing waist and abdomen fat. It is the first choice for girls who want to thin waist and abdomen.
  3, orange peel gourd tea

  Materials: Oolong tea, dried lotus leaves, old gourd, dried orange peel

Production: Choose 25g dried lotus leaves, 10g orange gourd, 5g dried orange peel, put all the materials in a mortar and grind into a fine powder, put the mixed powder into 25g oolong tea, and wrap it with three layers of gauze as a tea bag Make a drink. The first and second tea soup can be discarded without drinking, as a step for washing tea. A tea bag can be brewed repeatedly for about 10 times, which is very resistant to brewing.

Efficacy: Gourd and orange peel are good products for regulating qi. When the season changes, there are always girls with digestive system problems, which can easily lead to local obesity. This tea can regulate the stomach while dredging the intestines, which is very suitable for meals. Drinking in the next hour can effectively promote the digestion and decomposition of food and prevent the formation of fat due to excess nutrients.

  Notes on drinking tea to lose weight:

  (1) Drink enough tea to have weight loss effect

If you just drink a little tea and want to lose weight, it is impossible. For tea to have a weight loss effect, the active ingredients in the tea must work, and the active ingredients will not work until a certain dose, so Also pay attention to enough weight when drinking tea to lose weight.

   (2) Drinking tea to lose weight is not one-time

The effect of drinking tea to lose weight is not long-lasting. If you restore your previous diet and exercise methods, your weight will rebound. After all, these factors cause obesity. If you don’t drink tea or use other weight loss methods to lose weight, your weight will not be maintained. Or down.

  (3) Not that the more expensive the tea, the better the weight loss effect

   It’s not that the more expensive the tea leaves, the better the weight loss effect. The weight loss ingredients in tea are theaflavins, polyphenols, theophylline and caffeine. Often, expensive tea leaves only taste better than cheap tea leaves. To lose weight by drinking tea, you must choose teas with high weight loss ingredients, not just high-priced teas.

  (4) Drinking a lot of tea at night is not good for your health

   Many people think that drinking a lot of tea at night and then reducing sleep will help lose weight. actually not. Some people are sensitive to caffeine and drinking too much tea will inevitably affect sleep. It is best to drink in the morning or in the morning. More importantly, reducing sleep will not only not improve the effect of weight loss, it will also increase the blood sugar index, increase the level of hormones that can promote appetite, and make people more appetite, which is not conducive to weight loss. Therefore, if you want to lose weight by drinking tea, you need to understand how to lose weight effectively, so as not to do wasteful work.

Healthy weight loss

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