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Can daily running exercise lose weight?

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Can daily running exercise lose weight?

   In recent years, many people have fallen in love with running. Running can improve the body's resistance, and the brain of normal runners will also secrete more dopamine, which is a pleasant substance. In short, running will become more and more popular. Many people run to lose weight, so can running really help you lose weight? I believe you all want to know, let us find out now.

  First: Running can achieve the purpose of physical movement. It can well promote the muscles of the limbs. Regular exercise can improve our cardiorespiratory function and help prevent certain diseases.

  Second: Running can better improve our skin. Many women spend a lot of money on skin care products to get better skin quality. In fact, through running and good sleep, it will better improve the skin. Running can detoxify. In the process of sweating, dirt will be discharged in the pores. After a period of time, the skin will naturally become better.

   Third: Running can improve our metabolism, and everyone knows that running is an aerobic exercise, so running every day can help us lose weight.
 If you want to improve the efficiency of running to lose weight, I will give you four suggestions.

  Recommendation 1: It is best to run in the morning

   Because running in the morning can consume more fat, and it takes more than 30 minutes to run before the fat starts to burn. You can walk for five minutes to get used to it, and then start running for fifteen minutes. You can slow down slowly in the last ten minutes, or you can walk for five more minutes, so your body can get better cushion.

   Suggestion 2: Don’t run when tired

   Many people go for a run after get off work. In fact, this approach is not ideal. They are still tired after get off work and it is best to take a break. Even if the air is good at night, they should choose to run in the morning. You can choose some other sports at night.

  Recommendation 3: Massage the legs after running

  Because most of the power of running is done through the legs, it is best to massage the legs for about five minutes after running to relieve muscle tension and avoid thickening of the legs.

  Recommendation 4: Reasonable meal combination

If you are a dieter and you cannot eat too many high-calorie foods and fried foods during running, you can eat a small amount of food before running to avoid hypoglycemia, but the amount of three meals must be less than before. You can eat a full breakfast, lunch is seven to eight points full, and dinner is only six points full.

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