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Can running in place to lose weight

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Can running in place lose weight

  The most effective way to lose weight has always been exercise. Running can help consume body fat, so it is one of the best ways to lose weight. Many people like to run outdoors, but if you don’t want to go outside, you can actually run at home to lose weight. So, can running in place to lose weight? The following editor will introduce to you.

   Running in place can also achieve Weight loss. Let’s introduce how to lose weight by running in place.

   1. Weight-loss equipment: comfortable running shoes

The difference between my weight loss method and the weight loss methods of others on the market is that my method hardly costs 1 cent, does not need to go to weight loss classes, does not need to buy weight loss equipment, all you need to prepare is a pair of comfortable running Shoes and a foot pad. Before we get ready to run, we put on running shoes and then lay out the foot pads.

   Attention everyone: When running, you must wear a pair of comfortable sports shoes with shock absorption effect. Never run barefoot. Running barefoot for less than an hour will cause great damage to your feet. The heavier the weight, the greater the damage. Please pay attention to this. In addition, running barefoot will also make the calf bear greater force and damage the calf. Day after day, the consequences will be disastrous.

   2. Running actions and essentials

   Running is a kind of aerobic exercise. As the name suggests, it is to do exercise under aerobic metabolism. Through exercise, it can consume excess body fat and achieve the goal of losing weight. Many people's aerobic exercise is not aerobic exercise at all, so they lose the original weight loss effect of aerobic exercise.

  As aerobic exercise, the heart rate is generally the best at 130 beats per minute. The first part of the exercise is about five minutes to burn starch. The longer the exercise lasts, the more fat will be burned. As long as it lasts for half an hour to one hour, 50% of the calories consumed will be supplied by burning fat.

  3. The first stage of running: warm-up stage (5 minutes)

   The most important thing about weight loss and running is when you first start running. Don't go too fast. Enter the state slowly and steadily. For the first 5 minutes of running, I call it the warm-up phase.

   4. The second stage of running: jogging stage (5 minutes)

   After 4 minutes of walking, we let the footwork speed up. At this time, you will feel your body moving towards a train that is about to start. Then gradually changed from walking quickly to running. Let the body run slowly. At this time, you must not run too fast. And the frequency of breathing should be adjusted well, don't breathe quickly, so as not to lose your breath. At this time, the movements of both hands can easily turn back to the sides of the body, and then swing rhythmically. Be sure to relax at this time, and your hands can be shaken comfortably with the frequency of the footwork. Don't struggle with your body, but coordinate.

  5, the third stage of running: uniform endurance running stage (60 minutes)

   Now we can enter the most important stage of running to lose weight, which is the uniform running stage. The most important thing at this stage is persistence and endurance. The 60-minute running process is for everyone. There are certain challenges. Especially for our obese friends, one hour of running is a big challenge, but there is no way. Since we have chosen to lose weight, we must stick to it. In the 60-minute running process, spiritual belief is an important factor in determining the success or failure of running. In the 60-minute running process, the most important thing is to transfer the excitement of our minds when running. Don't always think about running, transfer the excitement to the TV programs we watch or the music we listen to. Experience the plot on TV or feel the beautiful melody of music in detail. Then let running be an aid, a mechanical exercise that is nothing more than the brain. In this way, we will find that running for 60 minutes is not an impossible task.

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