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Is enzyme weight loss real?

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Is enzyme Weight loss real?

Most of the many enzyme products on the market focus on weight loss. The common saying is that enzymes contain a large amount of lipolytic enzymes, which can effectively promote fat catabolism, change the physique of fat, accelerate the burning of body fat, and excrete excess fat out of the body. So as to play a Healthy weight loss effect on the body. But, can enzymes really lose weight? Uncle wants to emphasize one point today: Enzymes ≠ diet pills, it is not feasible to rely solely on enzymes to lose weight!

  Many people fall into a misunderstanding of enzymes: drink it and then drain it, and eat it and lose weight. So enzymes have become defecation medicines or weight loss products.

  In fact, this perception is wrong. People have forgotten the nature of enzymes. Enzymes are our own substances, but our living environment leads to fewer and fewer enzymes. Enzymes bring us health, and weight loss is only a side effect. Because the intestines contain toxins, the stools and garbage that cause physical diseases are gone, and it is normal for the lower abdomen to become thinner.

Therefore, enzyme is not a medicine nor specifically for weight loss, nor can it be directly used for the treatment of diseases. It should be regarded as a supplement for human nutrition and used to maintain the usual health of the body. Therefore, taking enzymes is like other health care. The product is the same, you can’t eat it for a few days, fish for three days, fish for two days, it takes a long time to see the effect, usually two or three months as a cycle.

Enzymes are actually present in all kinds of foods we eat every day. Common vegetable and fruit foods are rich in enzymes, such as papaya, pineapple, kiwi, pear, banana, yam, cucumber, white radish, lettuce, onion, cabbage, Bell peppers, mushrooms, curry, bamboo shoots, grapefruit, brown rice, etc. can all achieve the effect of weight loss.

   Enzyme fasting weight loss method is also a very correct way to lose weight! Enzyme fasting weight loss method sounds difficult to achieve, but enzyme fasting weight loss is scientifically based. Because enzymes are biological enzymes, they can meet the daily nutrient and energy needed by the human body. Using enzymes to fast will not cause any side effects and hunger. Supplementing enzymes during fasting can rest the busy digestive system, promote metabolism and accelerate the body Excess fat consumption, so that excess fat is converted into energy, will not affect normal work and life. In addition, the enzyme fasting method can also completely clean up garbage and toxins in the intestines, inhibit harmful bacteria in the intestines, and cultivate beneficial bacteria in the intestines, allowing you to achieve weight loss, detoxification, and health at the same time.

  The reason why modern people gain weight is that fast-paced lifestyle and high-intensity work pressure are prone to consume too many calories. Especially eating supper at night will aggravate weight gain. Enzymes are sufficient, metabolism will be strong, digestion is strong, fat is not easy to accumulate, if enzymes are lacking, metabolism will be slow, food is easily converted into fat, which will cause body obesity.

   If you want to lose weight healthily, enzymes are a rare good helper, but proper exercise and a balanced diet, coupled with a reasonable lifestyle and persistence, are the keys to successful weight loss and weight maintenance!

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