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The best weight loss diet Simple and weight loss lunch, do-it-yourself healthier

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The best Weight loss diet Many people struggle with what to eat for lunch. For those who want to lose weight, what they eat for lunch is very important. If you want to lose weight, try these simple and delicious lunches.

   1, vegetable rice

   Ingredients: 30g rice, 3g cooking wine, 1g soy sauce, 2g water, 10g celery, 10g leeks and 10g pleurotus eryngii


  1. Put the washed rice into the rice cooker, then pour in the cooking wine and soy sauce, close the lid and start cooking.

  2. Cut celery, leeks and pleurotus eryngii into the same size.

  3. Blanch the pleurotus eryngii in boiling water. Add the roasted eryngii mushrooms to the rice and stir well to make a delicious vegetable rice.

  2. Tomato rice

  Material: Tomato and rice

   Practice: 1. Take 3-4 small tomatoes or half a large tomato, peel them, and mash the pulp with a rolling pin or other tools. There will be a lot of tomato juice in the mashed tomato meat. Use a strainer to filter out the tomato meat and leave the juice for later use

  3. To cook a cup of rice as an example, we need about half a cup of tomato juice and another cup of water. Wash the rice, add tomato juice and water. Rice can be cooked in a rice cooker

   three-color and three-color bento

   Ingredients: 250 grams of minced meat, 1 green pepper, 2-3 eggs, cooking wine, sugar, soy sauce, soy sauce, ginger, salt and white pepper.

  1. Cut the green pepper into small pieces, stir fry in a frying pan, season with salt and white pepper. Other ingredients such as mushrooms can be added according to personal taste

  2. Break the eggs, add salt and a little sugar. Boil a little oil in a pan and scramble eggs over medium heat. 3. Put the minced meat into the pot, add cooking wine, sugar and minced ginger. (Minced meat is rich in fat, so there is no need to add oil when frying, just according to your taste. When the minced meat is half cooked, season it with soybean paste and soy sauce. Lose weight for lunch


The best diet for weight loss sausages are cooked in a pot with hot pot of cold oil (olive oil) and garlic powder and dried chili. After the garlic powder is golden brown, put down the washed spinach, cut into about 5 cm, fry on high heat until all are withered, and then put some salt in the pot

   Tofu: Compare the width of the lunch box, cut it, heat the oil in a hot pan, put it down for deep frying, and slowly deep-fry it over a slow fire. Once it's ready, turn the other side over, don't turn it over often, just sprinkle some salt and pepper.

   Shrimp: Bring water to a boil, add ginger and garlic, then add shrimp, boil it, it will be

   5. Cauliflower Fake Rice



  1. Cauliflower is broken with a cooking machine. It can be cut without a cooking machine, or it can be cut with a knife. This is not too troublesome and only takes a few minutes. If you use a cooking machine, break it to the size of rice grains. Be careful not to muddy it.

  2. Break the cauliflower and heat it in the microwave for 5-6 minutes until it is cooked (no water is needed), and then the fake rice is ready.

  3. It is recommended to match with ingredients and vegetables with obvious taste, such as tomatoes, pumpkin, curry, meat sauce, etc. This not only masks the taste of cauliflower, but also makes the sauce more fresh, with a certain cauliflower flavor.

   The best diet chicken breast was marinated the night before. Soak chicken breasts in cooking wine, soy sauce and pepper oil. Don't put the oil in the pan for frying. For quick cooking, cut both sides a few times and fry for five minutes.

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