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Can daily exercise play badminton to lose weight

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Can daily badminton lose weight

   Is it possible to lose weight by playing badminton regularly? Generally speaking, professional badminton athletes have a great body. Because of this, playing badminton has become the best choice for many people who lose weight. So, can playing badminton really achieve the goal of losing weight?

   1. Badminton can increase energy consumption

   The total energy consumption of badminton has an important relationship with the duration. The energy consumed by the human body during exercise can be several to several tens of times that of sitting. Studies have shown that long-term regular exercise can increase the basal metabolic rate in a quiet state. Therefore, after you choose to play badminton, you must insist on practicing for more than one hour every other day.

  2. Badminton exercise can promote lipolysis and reduce its synthesis

  Fat is the main oxidative energy-supplying material. Therefore, if you perform badminton exercises under aerobic conditions for a long time, it is natural to consume fat. In addition, exercise will also reduce insulin secretion, thereby inhibiting the synthesis of body fat. Because the minimum body fat should be coordinated with good health, when playing badminton, golfers must pay attention to the control of their exercise intensity and time.

  3. Badminton can reduce body fat and improve body composition

   Long-term exercise of badminton events, especially small and medium-intensity exercises, can increase people's lean body mass. This can be proved by the body fat of elite athletes being lower than ordinary people.

   Generally, those who do not participate in sports will increase lean body mass if they take systematic physical exercise. The increase in lean body mass offsets the decrease in body fat, and the total body weight is slightly reduced or remains unchanged. Studies have shown that exercise can increase the energy supply of fat in a quiet state, help regulate weight, prevent fat accumulation, and avoid obesity. If you lose weight only by reducing the amount of food you eat, you will reduce your lean body mass, and too fast can cause dehydration.

In badminton, the muscles of the shoulders, upper arms, and forearms are used when swinging the upper limbs; the movement movements such as pedaling, straddling, and jumping of the front and rear footwork can exercise the large muscle groups of the hips, thighs and calves; The abdominal, waist, and back muscles increase lean body mass and remove excess fat from the body. Overall, badminton is still very suitable for slimming and shaping.

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