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How to lose weight without eating after lunch

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lose weightHow to lose weight without eating after lunch

   Losing weight is actually not as difficult as imagined. As long as you control your diet and do not eat any food after lunch every day, there is absolutely no problem in losing weight, only getting thinner and thinner. Let's take a look at the most correct way to lose weight without eating after lunch.

   Weight loss without eating after lunch

This method is fast to lose weight and does not require a long time. Basically, a 28-day reincarnation can lose about 10-20 kg. The larger the base, the more thinner. If you persist for half a year, you can definitely transform into a physique that does not eat fat. And the body will only become more and more perfect, with exercise, it will become thinner and more stable, not easy to rebound.

The first thing to tell you is that the intake of carbohydrates will not be converted into fat, but it will hinder the burning and metabolism of fat, and it is also easy to destroy the body’s weight regulation, which will easily lead to you becoming fat, so control the intake of carbohydrates. Entrance is very important. The chief representative of this type of food is rice.

   Within 3-4 hours after we eat food, it is the full-feeding period, 12-16 hours after the full-feeding period is the pre-fasting period, and 48 hours into the fasting period. During the satiety period, the human body's blood sugar will rise and secrete a large amount of insulin, causing fat cells to accumulate. During the fasting period, the blood sugar will slowly drop, increasing the secretion of leptin, so as to achieve the goal of weight loss. Next, we can choose healthy weight-loss foods to replace carbohydrates and eat in moderation to ensure our basic nutritional supply.
 The correct way to lose weight without eating after noon

  Breakfast: (eating) satiety period

  Lunch: (eating) satiety period-decreased insulin secretion-hunger

   Fasting period: (without eating) satiety period-enter the fat burning period

   Such as: eating at 8 in the morning, and entering the satiety period from 11 to 12 o'clock in the morning. The body's blood sugar rises and causes a large amount of insulin secretion (causing fat accumulation in fat cells-fat hormones)

   12:30 is lunch time, then 12:30-3 pm-4 o'clock in the afternoon to enter the satiating period again

   3 am-6 am before the fasting period because blood sugar begins to slowly drop

   Entering the fasting period at 8 in the morning, protein will begin to deplete (but at this time most people have already started or have breakfast)

For brunch, you can eat more protein foods, such as eggs and various dairy products. You can also eat some whole grains and fruits and vegetables. The choice of snacks is limited to nuts, which are more likely to produce satiety. Stomach, but not easy to gain weight.

lose weight

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