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What are the hazards of dieting to lose weight

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What are the hazards of dieting to lose weight

  Although there are many ways to lose weight, many girls often choose diet to lose weight in order to achieve the goal of losing weight quickly. However, dieting to lose weight is very harmful, girls should think twice before acting. Let's take a look at the hazards of dieting and Weight loss.

   1. Protein in the body is consumed

   When the absorption of nutrients is insufficient, the body will preferentially consume protein rather than fat in the body, and the incomplete decomposition of protein will produce free radicals. Free radicals are the chief culprit of human diseases and aging.

  2, the basal metabolic rate drops, becoming a physique prone to obesity

  Long-term dieting will cause our body to lack nutrients and reduce the basal metabolic rate. The decline in the basal metabolic rate is one of the factors contributing to obesity.

  3, very easy to rebound

   When dieting and Weight loss encounter a bottleneck, many MM will give up on their own and start to return to normal diet. At this time, the fat cells are inhibited for a long time, just like a tight spring that restores its original elasticity, accelerating growth and expansion. Coupled with the poor basal metabolic rate due to dieting, fat has sprung up like bamboo shoots.

   4. Insufficient high-quality protein

   As we all know, the basic unit of human body formation is cell, and the main component of cell formation is protein. Since protein is involved in every organ, when our high-quality protein intake is insufficient, it will affect the function of the whole body, such as the skin becomes dull, dull, and prone to aging (collagen loss); metabolic disorders, endocrine Disorders, acne (enzymes and hormones cannot be fully produced); decreased resistance (lack of antibodies), etc.

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