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How to make a one-month weight loss plan for yourself

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How to make a one-month Weight loss plan for yourself

   lose weight within a month, reduce 500 calories a day, and reduce 1-2 catties of fat every week. This is a Healthy weight loss rhythm. Eat low-calorie but nutrient-rich foods such as lean meats, eggs, beans and green leafy vegetables. Abandon unhealthy sugary drinks such as cola, fruit juice and milk tea, and try to drink 8 glasses of water a day. For more tips on losing weight, please read on!

  Part One Preparation

  1, set a goal

   Setting a possible weight or health goal for yourself is a good start for a weight loss plan. It will be your goal within a month.

   It is generally believed that the rate of health is 1 to 2 catties of fat per week. Generally speaking, if you lose 4-8 catties of fat in a month, you are considered a big coffee. It is usually unrealistic to set a goal that exceeds this value.

   You may also want to set goals related to sports or lifestyle factors. For example, you can set a goal of 30 minutes of exercise every day three days a week. Such a goal is very good and can help you improve your weight loss efficiency.

   Please remember that there are no shortcuts to weight loss. The methods or products that save trouble and effortless weight loss are often ineffective and easy to rebound. Many weight loss products help you lose water in your body and make your weight look like you have lost weight, but the fat hasn't lost much. And some diet products are basically hungry for you.

  2, measure with a ruler

   Taking measurements is the most effective way to track your progress. It can also provide information on whether your diet and exercise plan are effective.

   Regular weighing is an easy way to track your progress. Make weight adjustments once or twice a week and track your weight over time.

But because weight itself does not tell you the whole content of weight loss, because the weight may fluctuate by a few catties within a day due to different hydration status and the amount of chyme in the intestines, but this does not mean that fat is changing, so you may Consider making girth measurements. This can help you see where you lose weight.

   Measure your shoulders, bust, waist, hips, and thighs every two weeks. In the course of a month, you should be able to see some obvious changes.
3. Keep a diary

  Diary is a good tool for weight loss. You can use it to help you prepare for weight loss, to motivate you during the weight loss process, and to help you keep up with your weight data.

   Initially, write down notes about your weight loss or health goals in your diary. Write down how much weight you want to lose and how to track your progress.

   You can also record your diet or lifestyle, what you want to change. For example, you may need to abandon drinks, increase activity or eat more fruits and vegetables.

   In addition, you can use your diary to save food and practice diary. Studies have shown that those who record their diet and exercise can maintain fat loss for a long time.

Healthy weight loss

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