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What to do with loose skin after losing weight

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What to do with loose skin after losing weight

Losing weight is the ultimate goal of many people who are currently committed to becoming beautiful, but the problem of sagging skin after Weight loss is very unbelievable. It has not become beautiful at all, but the whole body is wrinkled. What should I do after losing weight? The following is an introduction to you after losing weight. What to do with loose skin, let's take a look.

   Causes of sagging skin after losing weight

   1. The fibers between cells degenerate over time, causing the skin to lose its elasticity.

   2. Loss of subcutaneous fat makes the skin lose support and sag.

  3. The muscles that support the skin relax, so that the skin also relaxes.

  4. Other factors such as gravity, genetics, mental stress, exposure to sunlight and smoking also transform the skin structure, and finally make the skin lose its elasticity and cause relaxation.

What to do with loose skin after losing weight?

  1. Vitamin C supplementation can protect cells from UV damage and neutralize free free radicals, help synthesize collagen, and improve skin wrinkles and relaxation.

  2. The skin's supporting ability can be significantly enhanced by using a collagen supplement cream, or eating more pig's trotters, white fungus and other collagen-rich foods can also achieve the improvement effect.

  3. Ingest more antioxidant-containing fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, tomatoes, grapes, etc., and drink more red wine and tea, which can protect the collagen in the skin. Avoid eating high-fat foods to avoid free radicals and accelerate aging.

  4, rub some vitamin E oil or essential oil, and massage together, can also improve the sagging skin after Weight loss.

   5. Persisting in aerobic exercise is an effective way to enhance skin elasticity and shrink loose sebum. Sit-ups can effectively help tighten the abdominal muscles. You can insist on doing sit-ups every day according to your tolerance level, which has a good effect.

6. To restore skin elasticity in a short time, plain boiled water is the basis! Don't choose carbonated drinks, and avoid alcohol as much as possible, because those things provide you with water while also supplying a lot of sugar, which not only aggravates your skin The burden will also provide a lot of calories. Drink a glass of boiled water every morning, it can activate the regeneration of skin epidermal cells and speed up blood circulation. In addition, the daily intake of water should not be less than 1000cc. Drinking water before meals can also control appetite and have a better effect.

  7. Baby oil is delicate, easy to penetrate, rich in nutrition and not greasy, which occupies all favorable factors. Before going to bed at night, carefully apply baby oil on the surface of the skin. The epidermal layer will quickly absorb it and repair skin wrinkles. The dermis will become a partition, preventing the nutrients in the baby oil from continuing to penetrate, so as not to be absorbed by the fat.

   8. Refined salt can effectively open pores, remove aging stratum corneum, and promote skin metabolism. The specific method is not difficult: Put a small bowl of refined salt in the microwave for a little heating, and then carefully apply it on the skin surface. In order to match the effect, you can also apply a layer of honey on the salt to make the skin smoother. Wash off after one hour. Essence salt can also act as a scrub. Occasional use can reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin, but excessive amounts can make the skin rough. The frequency of wrinkle removal should be controlled once every two weeks.

  9. Vitamin A can effectively prevent cortex overflow and increase skin elasticity. From the bland carrots to the scary vegetable butter, these are the birthplaces of vitamin A. Given that you are in the late stages of weight loss, the foods recommended by experts are carrots, tomatoes, oranges, spinach, celery, garlic, lemons, potatoes, wheat germ, egg yolks, milk, animal liver, etc.

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