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Can I lose weight during lactation?

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Can I lose weight during lactation?

   It is the nature of women to love beauty. Many novice mothers want to lose weight as soon as possible in order to bid farewell to the fat and restore a graceful body after giving birth. So can I lose weight during breastfeeding? How can I lose weight so as not to harm my body but also to ensure the health of the baby? I believe that these are issues that mothers are very concerned about. Today we will give you answers.

  Can I lose weight during breastfeeding?

   Yes. But Weight loss during lactation must pay attention to methods and methods, and determine when to start to lose weight based on the individual's physical recovery. We do not recommend breastfeeding mothers to use drugs to lose weight, because the safety and effectiveness of weight-loss drugs cannot be guaranteed; it is not recommended to lose weight through dieting, because mothers have to restore their health on the one hand, and on the other hand, they are also responsible for their babies. Responsibility to provide adequate high-quality breast milk.

  How to lose weight during lactation?

  Some mothers may also hear this saying: Breastfeeding can lose weight. To a certain extent, breastfeeding can help lose weight. It is an energy-consuming process in itself, and breastfeeding mothers can help lose weight through breastfeeding. In addition, a reasonable diet plus appropriate exercise is the key for mothers to lose weight after childbirth.

   The diet of breastfeeding mothers should still follow the principle of moderate, balanced, and diversified, with low-fat and high-protein foods, such as salmon, red meat, and milk.

   Ensure proper amount of exercise. Breastfeeding mothers must not exercise excessively, and must slowly and gradually return to the level before pregnancy. Generally speaking, it is not recommended to lose weight one month after childbirth. This period is the time for new mothers to confinement and is an important period for body recovery. It is recommended that mothers start to lose weight according to their own conditions at about 6 weeks after delivery, and the amount of exercise must depend on their own ability to bear.

   Does Weight loss affect breastfeeding?

   Scientific and reasonable weight loss will not affect breastfeeding.

   For most mothers, a normal, healthy, and balanced diet will gradually reduce the weight gained since pregnancy. There is no need to deliberately control diet. The principle is: don't go on a diet, eat enough, but don't overdo it. If the weight loss from a normal diet is not obvious, mothers can properly control their diet under the premise of ensuring that they consume enough calories. But remember that you should not control it easily by yourself. Reasonable arrangements must be made under the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist. Otherwise, it will lead to insufficient milk nutrition or milk reduction.

  Exercise will not affect breastfeeding, but it is recommended that mothers breastfeed their babies before exercising. First, breastfeeding can reduce breast weight, which is beneficial to exercise; second, mothers can exercise at ease after feeding the baby without worrying about the baby suddenly drinking milk during exercise; third, exercise will increase the secretion of sweat, and the body is in a state of sweating. Feeding your baby immediately is unhygienic.

   In short, you can't rush to lose weight during breastfeeding. You should make a gradual and orderly process according to your own situation. Appropriate exercise plus a reasonable and balanced diet can help mothers recover their pre-pregnancy shape.

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