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Can I eat a meal replacement to lose weight

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Can I eat a meal replacement to lose weight

   Some people say that girls have never stopped losing weight, and rarely succeeded. So, do we have some misunderstandings about Weight loss? Let's take a look at it together.

   Misunderstanding 1: Diet to lose weight

  Long-term dieting to lose weight can easily lead to malnutrition and fatty liver. This is because the lack of protein supply in the diet leads to a shortage of certain enzymes, which makes fat accumulate in the liver and eventually forms a malnourished fatty liver.

   In addition, if you use this method to lose weight, once you return to a normal diet, your weight will quickly rebound, even heavier than before. This is because after the digestive system has experienced a period of "pure" life, in order to prevent the occurrence of "failure" incidents, it will wantonly hoard fat, so the body will become fatter. Unreasonable diet and failure to rebuild good eating habits are the culprits of weight rebound.

   Misunderstanding 2: Meal replacement instead of regular meal

   From the superficial understanding, meal replacements are foods that replace part or all of the meals. Common meal replacement forms include meal replacement powder, meal replacement bars, meal replacement milkshakes, and meal replacement porridge. They are called "natural, nutritious, low-calorie". In fact, meal replacement foods contain a single nutrient and are seriously inadequate in calories. Long-term consumption can easily lead to nutritional imbalance and affect body functions. The satiety provided by meal replacement foods solves the problem of hunger when we control calorie intake, but if meal replacements are not used properly, it will lead us to the other extreme of malnutrition or weight rebound.

   Misunderstanding 3: Cling film Weight loss method

  Wrap plastic wrap on the arms, legs, abdomen and other areas with a lot of "fat", then put on thick clothes, and then do some exercises. This method is mainly to reduce weight through a lot of sweating. But in fact, only water is lost, fat is not "burned"; once you drink water and eat normally, your weight will rebound. The most important thing is that this method easily makes the body dehydrated. It can be said that the "cling film weight loss method" is a bad method that neither treats the symptoms nor the root cause.

   Misunderstanding 4: Take drugs to lose weight

   Some people mistakenly believe in advertising and choose to rely on diet pills to achieve the effect of weight loss. This approach is not advisable. Some of these weight-loss drugs have the effect of suppressing appetite, while others can cause diarrhea, but they can only reduce body water, damage the spleen and stomach, and cannot really reduce body fat. Once the medication is stopped and the normal diet is resumed, the weight may rebound more severely. In addition, the side effects of these drugs are not clear, and their safety cannot be guaranteed, so they should be taken with caution.

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