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What are the quick tips for weight loss

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What are the quick tips for Weight loss

   Quick move one: hold back for 5 minutes

   Effective time: 5 minutes

  What should I do if I get hungry? Just forbearance! Forbearance! Forbearance! It sounds cruel, but as long as you endure 5 minutes, you can successfully overcome hunger and reduce the chance of calorie intake. Because when you are hungry and blood sugar drops, and you are not providing calories, your body will automatically find calories from other places to supply what you need. This is the best time to lose weight.

   Quick move two: drink water to satisfy your hunger

   Effective time: 5 minutes

   Drinking more water will make you lose weight. This is a method that every Weight loss expert agrees. However, it is not that you will lose weight if you drink more water casually. You have to drink at the right time and drink the right water, otherwise it will only be prone to edema. Experts suggest that one of the best time to drink water to lose weight is when you are hungry and want to eat. What kind of water to drink is also a kind of knowledge. Generally speaking, plain water, alkaline soda water, etc. are all suitable for drinking water to satisfy hunger, and the effect of controlling appetite is fast and good.

   Quick move three: brush your tongue

   Effective time: 1 day

   Stick out your tongue to see if it is covered with a white tongue coating. Be careful, this may be one of the culprits that is causing your appetite to increase day by day. People who are friends with tobacco and alcohol, eat processed foods, and have heavy tastes have a more serious tongue-felt phenomenon than those with a light diet, which means that they have less saliva secretion, lower taste bud sensitivity, and feel dissatisfied no matter how much they eat, and eat enough salty enough. Only oil can be satisfied, and it is easy to lose control of appetite. Take out your soft toothbrush and gently brush off the dirt on the surface of the tongue and under the tongue, which can not only retrieve your taste, but also prevent bad breath.

  Quick move four: chewing gum

   Effective time: 5 minutes

When appetite and a good figure are in a tug of war, come to Wangmei’s witty way of quenching thirst, chewing in the mouth and chewing gum, which can not only deceive your brain that you are eating, but also increase saliva secretion to reduce appetite and prevent tooth decay. effect. Of course, chewing gum should also be sugar-free.

   Quick Recruitment Five: Ear Acupuncture Point Massage

   Effective time: 3 days

   There are many key points hidden in the human body. After finding it, after long-term acupuncture and massage treatment, it can also achieve the functions of suppressing appetite and adjusting the endocrine system. There are many acupuncture points near the ears, which can suppress appetite, accelerate metabolism, and help fat decomposition, such as hunger points, Shenmen points, and ear acupuncture treatment methods are to stimulate these acupoints to achieve the effect of controlling appetite. However, this is suitable for people who are patient, because acupuncture treatment is needed every few days, and it takes a long time to add behavior adjustments to continue to be effective!

Quick Recruitment Six: Food shows and magazines are strictly prohibited

   Effective time: 3 minutes

The so-called blindness is not wrong at all, because people are visual animals, you will think when you see it, and you will want to do it when you think about it. If you often watch food shows, you can definitely experience it! Is there an appetite for a delicious cooking program, do you have the urge to eat that kind of thing? Quickly remove these obesity traps from your life, and it is strictly forbidden to show food programs and magazines around you.

   Quick Recruitment Seven: Get a good night's sleep

   Effective time: 30 minutes

   High-quality sleep can also help you control your unreasonable appetite, because a good sleep every day is good for you. If you are in good spirits, you will not accumulate stress. If you are not stressed, you will not want to eat and drink to vent your emotions. In the process of sleeping, the body will automatically produce repair effects and continue to burn calories. Instead of supporting a tired body and risking too much calories, it is better to sleep well and not want to eat indiscriminately. Hello!

   Quick Recruitment Eight: Reading a Slimming Book

   Effective time: 1 minute

   When the willpower is weak and the whole person is about to be abducted by appetite, look for {Slimming:/} books to strengthen your will to lose weight. Weight loss books and weight loss magazines are your best friends. For weight loss, why others can succeed, why others can hold back not to eat, immediately take the good experience of others into your mind, your body and will will follow suit, and you can definitely hold back this meal.

   Quick recruitment nine: exercise right away

   Effective time: 30 minutes

You should not use motionlessness = no calorie consumption = no hunger, so let's use it as an excuse for not exercising! In fact, research shows that people who exercise moderately every day have a lower desire for food, that is to say Exercise can help you suppress your appetite! You don’t need to "move" like a panting cow. A little sweaty "move" is good. Normally develop exercise habits. When the thought of "want to eat" comes, you may wish to do it too. Do exercises to drive away your appetite!

Healthy weight loss

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