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What are the yoga weight loss actions

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What are the yoga Weight loss actions

  Practicing yoga can also exercise muscle strength, increase calorie consumption, help reduce fat and shape a perfect body. The following six yoga sculpting movements can help you shape and adjust your body and mind balance. Come and practice.

   down dog pose

   Slowly transfer the strength of the body to the arms, maintain a balance on the back, press down on the heels, and tighten the muscles of the upper and lower legs. Stay for 3 to 5 minutes, then return to Down Dog Pose. It looks like this is a resting position, but it can quickly burn fat in your arms and legs.

   knee bend start

In the downward dog pose, stand up on your feet and lean forward so that your arms are perpendicular to the ground. Tighten your thigh muscles. Bend your left knee and press it forward towards your chest. Stretch your left foot. Pay attention to the right foot. Then return to the exercise on the right. Shape the perfect back curve.

   curved leg twist

   Basically stand, bend the knees, use the thighs to maintain balance, as if sitting on a chair with hands together, tighten the abdomen, push the right elbow out of the left knee, and look at the ceiling. Then change to the other side of the exercise. If your body allows, you can squat down a bit more to make your thighs and hips work harder.

  Reinforced right angle type

   Separate your legs by two shoulder widths, raise your hands above your head, slowly lean forward so that your back and your legs form a right angle, pay attention to your back balance, look down, and relax your shoulders. This action seems easy. You can use the strength of your arms to move your body forward, so that more weight can be transferred to the forefoot. Hold in this position for 3 to 5 minutes to strengthen the spine.

   upside inclined plate type

Sit on the mat, stretch your legs together, put your hands back, place your palms behind your buttocks, inhale to tighten the buttocks muscles, lift your chest and abdomen, keep the soles of your feet pressed down to move your whole body muscles, head Lean back, relax the neck muscles, and hold for 5 breaths. Stimulates the breast, has a proud chest shape.

   wheel type

Lie on your back, bend your knees, step on the ground with your feet shoulder-width apart, your heels close to your hips, bend your elbows backwards, open your hands and prop up on both sides of your head, inhale, straighten your chest and abdomen, push your hands and feet on the ground at the same time, so that your hips, Keep your back and head away from the ground, your face and back are arched, your arms stretched straight, stretch your legs upwards, keep your spine extended, and breathe naturally for 10 breaths. If you want to stretch your body further, you can raise your heels. The head is naturally vertical, looking at the ground. Enhance body flexibility, S-curve is no longer far away.

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