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What are lazy fast weight loss methods

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What are lazy fast Weight loss methods

   Bitter Gourd Weight loss Method

   Washed and eaten raw, although it is a bit difficult, but there are also things that detoxify very well. You can only achieve your goal if you have to eat bitterly!

Principle: Bitter melon contains a highly biologically active high-energy lipid-clearing element. This substance only acts on the small intestine, an important part of the body to absorb fat. By changing the intestinal cell pore network, it prevents the absorption of fat, polysaccharides and other caloric macromolecular substances. But it does not affect the absorption of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

   This special ingredient known as the "fat killer" can reduce the intake of fat and polysaccharides by 40%-60%.

  Lotus leaf weight loss method

   Boil lotus leaves, cassia seeds, licorice, and lemon slices into a soup, the quantity is appropriate. Stick to 2 weeks and get results, and I will go in and out of the toilet more everyday.

   Principle: China has regarded the lotus leaf as a good medicine for weight loss since ancient times. Because the root, (lotus root) and leaves of lotus have simple diuretic and laxative effects.

   Drink water to lose weight

   Eat less, put a bowl of warm water next to you when you eat, and eat the food after drinking it. It also has a good effect.

   Principle: Drinking a glass of white water, light honey water or water with added cellulose before breakfast in the morning can accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, excrete trash and metabolites from the body the previous night, and reduce the chance of a small belly.

Drinking water before meals to reduce appetite: Many people are not obese, but after eating, you will see a bulging appetite. This is the most standard Babyfat. Even if you have not eaten, this small appetite needs to be sucked. Gas can cover up.

Drinking water in the afternoon to reduce cellulite: The main manifestation of obesity is cellulite, which is caused by long-term sitting and high-calorie foods. In the afternoon, tea is when people feel tired and tired, and at this time it is even more emotional. The fragile period of ingesting unnecessary calories is of course the price of fat. You can drink a cup of herbal tea to dispel this desire to eat because of your emotions. At the same time, the smell of flowers can also reduce your appetite, and it can also be regarded as an ambush for a seven-percent full dinner.

Healthy weight loss

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