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Can girls lose weight during menstruation?

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Can girls lose weight during menstruation?

   Gynecological experts pointed out that moderate Weight loss can be achieved during menstruation. It should be noted that female friends must not lose weight by diet or vigorous exercise during menstruation, otherwise they will not lose weight, but will have other serious adverse effects. Weight loss during menstruation is also called menstrual period weight loss. It is the use of the menstrual cycle to divide weight loss into four phases. The 1-7 days after menstruation are called the weight-loss benefit period, the 7-14 days after menstruation are called the slimming overspeed period, and the 14-21 days after menstruation are called slimming. The plateau period and the 21-28 days after menstruation are called the slow weight loss period.

   1. During the slimming benefit period, the weight at this time is generally 2-3 kg more than usual. Take advantage of the weaker body, eat more iron-containing foods, such as beef, high-calorie hot cocoa, chocolate, etc.

  2. Slimming and overspeeding period. This period is very easy to gain weight. If the calories eaten cannot be broken down quickly, oatmeal will accumulate in the body as fat. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the intake of high-calorie and high-fat foods. Eat less sugar and less starch, with a proper amount of exercise.

  3. The slimming plateau period is still a favorable period for weight loss. Eat more high-fiber foods, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, whole wheat noodles, brown rice, oats and other foods. Adequate intake of high-fiber foods can promote hormone excretion and increase the level of magnesium in the blood.

  4. Slow weight loss period. The diet one week before menstrual cramps should be light, eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits, which are easy to digest and nutritious; drink more water to maintain unobstructed excretion and reduce pelvic congestion. At the same time eat more meat, eggs, tofu, soybeans and other high-protein foods.

   It is possible to use women's menstrual cycle, combined with diet and exercise to achieve the goal of weight loss, but it is also necessary to grasp the degree, not excessive diet or excessive exercise, to achieve good results step by step.

   Precautions for losing weight during menstruation

In terms of diet, during menstruation, you can eat more iron-containing foods and plant-based protein that improves iron absorption; do not eat tobacco, alcohol, and spicy and hot foods such as peppers, garlic, and barbecue; do not eat raw, cold, and cold foods , Such as all kinds of cold food and fruit; eat less acidic foods, such as all kinds of sauerkraut, plums, etc.; do not eat too salty, drink more boiled water. In terms of calorie control, it is not advisable to diet during menstruation, and adequate calories and nutrition should be taken in.

   In terms of exercise, avoid strenuous exercise during menstruation and avoid high-intensity exercise. The main energy should be placed on shaping, you can do some gentle freehand exercises, such as simple Tai Chi, Pilates, etc. Walking and jogging are also good choices.

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