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What is the best way to practice abdominal muscles?

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What is the best way to practice abdominal muscles?

   Do you not rely on sit-ups to train your abdominal muscles? Abdominal machines are divided into upper abdomen machines, lower abdomen machines and side abdomen machines.

You have to practice separately. The upper abdomen machine is to lie on your back, bend your knees, and place your hands gently against your ears. During the process, your back is always close to the ground, only bend your chest cavity, and try to make your chest close to your thighs. The movement should be slow and uniform. , Do 30 at a time, 5 sets a day

Lower abdomen machine, the person lies flat, both hands are flat and enlarged on both sides of the legs, the feet are brought together and slightly bent and lifted off the ground. In the process of doing this, always lift the feet off the ground. Then put it down slowly, remembering that your feet are slightly curved, so you don’t ask you to lift the post-dyeing and abdomen perpendicularly, do 20-30 reps at a time, 6 sets a day

You have to buy a wheel for the side belly machine. It is sold at sports counters in big shopping malls. It is not expensive. You can find it for 100 yuan. There are instructions on how to use it. This is a comprehensive exercise of your belly machine, including the side belly machine, so go Buy one, and then stick to it every day, it will be effective in one month, this is what I have experienced

   What we should understand is that most people still have a thick layer of fat on the outside of the abdomen (except for some people who have been very thin since childhood). Maybe your belly fat is not much, but it is enough to prevent your perfect abdominal muscles from appearing. Therefore, we must first reduce fat and thin the abdomen layer through hard work and sweat.

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   How to thin? You need to do more aerobic exercise. The most effective aerobic exercise for fat loss is jogging, skipping rope, swimming, cycling, etc. In this process, try not to eat high-fat and high-calorie foods. You can eat more high-protein foods, such as chicken breast, fish, and eggs.

   chicken breast

   Note: Exercise generally takes more than 40 minutes each time, otherwise the fat burning effect will not be too obvious. If you feel that jogging is slow to reduce fat, then try to alternate between fast and jogging, which can accelerate fat burning. Although it will be more tired, you should be able to stick to it for the abdominal muscles you want to show quickly.

  The best way to train your abdominal muscles is to do sit-ups. Do 100-200 sit-ups each time, with 20-30 sets as a group, and at least 5 sets, depending on your personal situation. You can increase the weight appropriately, hold a dumbbell or discus in your hand, and put it behind your head, the effect will be better.

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