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How to reduce waist and abdomen fat

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How to reduce waist and abdomen fat

   You can lose waist and belly fat by doing thin waist exercises and abdomen aerobics

  1, thin waist exercise

  1) First set: Lie flat, stretch your legs together and use the strength of your waist and abdomen. The back and buttocks are also straight up and away from the contact surface at the same time. Then let it down slowly. The number of repetitions is measured by one's own ability.

  2) The second set: Lie flat, put your hands behind your head. Straighten the body and bend the knees, and use the strength of the waist and abdomen to make the body sit up and then lie down. The number of repetitions can be measured by one's physical ability.

  3) The third set: Lie flat, use the strength of your waist and abdomen to lift your legs up, and at the same time, your upper body is straightened forward, your arms are stretched out and your body is now bent. Try to make your arms and legs touch each other.

   You can decide the number of repetitions for each exercise according to your own ability.

   The above three sets of actions can be performed separately or integrated, and 10 minutes a day is not lazy, the slim waist of the dream is about to appear.

  2, abdomen aerobics

  1) Lunge leg press

   lunge press

  Target: Abdominal fat, triceps, buttocks and quadriceps

   Stand with feet open, hip-width apart. Bend your knees slightly, and bend your elbows 90 degrees to your hips.

   Lunge forward with the right foot, turning the upper body and arms to the right side of the body. Return to an upright position with your upper body, and then lunge forward with your left foot.

   16 times for each of the left and right feet.
 2) Jumping action

   jumping action

  Target: abdominal muscles, buttocks and legs

   Stand with feet open and hip-width apart. Bend your knees slightly and place your hands on your hips. Step forward with your right foot and raise your left knee to hip height. Then, jump up with your right foot.

   When landing, keep your feet together.

   16 times for each of the left and right feet.

  3) Throwing action

   throwing ball

  Target: arms, abdominal muscles, triceps, hips and legs

   Stand with feet open and hip-width apart. The right elbow is bent at the ear, and the left arm is splayed outwards at the shoulder. Use your right leg to take a lunge to the right, the same

When   , swing the upper body to the right.

   Return to the standing posture with his right foot, and turn his body to the left.

   Stretch the right arm diagonally (as if throwing a ball).

   Do it 16 times in each direction.

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