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Precautions for massage to lose weight

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Precautions for massage to lose weight

   1. Massage is not suitable for menstruation

   During the period of menstruation, women will have a lot of congestion in the pelvic cavity, so it is not advisable to massage hard, otherwise it will aggravate the pelvic congestion and lead to increased menstrual bleeding. Moreover, women's body and local resistance during menstruation is very poor. At this time, massage will accelerate the blood circulation in the uterus, which is not conducive to the repair and healing of endometrial peeling, and it is easy to cause bacteria to invade the uterus and suffer from various gynecological diseases.

  2, massage is not suitable within 1 hour after meal

   Generally speaking, 1 hour after a meal is the best time for gastrointestinal digestion and absorption of nutrients. If massage at this time will interfere with the normal function of the gastrointestinal tract, do not rush to sit on the sofa and massage after a meal to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.

   3. You can't take a bath immediately after massage

   massage can raise the temperature of parts of the body, open the pores, and make the capillaries in a state of dilation. If you take a bath immediately at this time, it may cause your body to inadvertently absorb the cold, which will defeat the purpose of massage.

   4. Drink plenty of water after massage

   massage can promote the speed of metabolism in the body. Drinking plenty of water after massage can make the body toxins pass through the urine more quickly. Drinking water after the massage can also replenish the body's moisture lost during the massage, so within 30 minutes after the massage, it is best to drink a glass of warm water at 50°C to achieve a multiplier effect.

  5, the intensity should not be too heavy

   There are many massage techniques, and because each person has different pain nerves, the strength and endurance required for massage are different. It is not that the greater the strength, the better during the massage. It is better to feel a little soreness in the massaged area, and the strength should be alternated between light and heavy, so as to meet the needs of vasoconstriction, so as to achieve the ideal massage effect.

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