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If you don't want to go on a diet, can more exercise make you thin?

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Most people take exercise as their lifeline to lose weight and feel that they can lose weight without dieting. but it is not the truth. Seven points of Weight loss rely on diet, and only three points rely on exercise. If you do not restrict your diet, it is difficult to exercise more to lose weight.

   First of all, the efficiency of exercise to lose weight is too low, and the Weight loss effect is not obvious

   A bowl of rice is easy to eat, but the calories of rice are not easy to consume.

   Therefore, without correcting the wrong eating habits, the effect of weight loss by exercise alone is not significant.

   In addition, as the amount of exercise increases, the desire to eat will become stronger. It is very likely that you will burn more calories during Exercise to lose weight than before. If things go on like this, not only will you not be able to burn fat, but you will also become fatter than before.

   It can be seen that there is no restriction on diet, and exercise alone cannot succeed in losing weight. Only exercise combined with a reasonable diet can completely lose weight.

  1. During the exercise to lose weight, you can’t overstretch your diet, and eat at most 80% full for each meal.

   An eight-point full diet is enough to allow the body to circulate and metabolize normally without causing excess calories. It can also provide energy for rapid metabolism of the body and improve exercise effects.

   2. Sufficient protein food needs to be supplemented during exercise to lose weight

  Protein helps to improve muscle vitality and muscle mass, which not only improves the exercise effect, but also burns the promoted fat

   In addition, when the muscle mass becomes sufficient and active, it can also help shape the body, making everyone thinner and more stylish.

  Recommended protein-rich foods include: eggs, pure milk, refined lean meat without visible fat, and soy products.

   3. Eat and drink half an hour to one hour after exercise

   Do not eat immediately after exercising. It is recommended to exercise for half an hour to an hour before eating. This period is the repair period of human cells. If energy sources such as protein can be supplemented in time, the metabolic rate and muscle mass can be better improved, and the exercise effect will be significantly improved.

   During the exercise to lose weight, we must not only match a reasonable diet, but also add enough water. Water is the medium of all body activities. Only by taking in enough water can the body quickly metabolize, and then achieve the effect of weight loss.

   It is difficult to lose weight without a diet, but it is easy to lose weight if you control your diet properly, combined with reasonable exercise.

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