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What are the core training for sports weight loss?

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The word core training is often heard, so what is "core"? What kind of core training is an effective exercise?

   Some people define the core as the "muscle group that supports the spine". That is, abdominal muscles, back muscles, pelvic floor muscles and so on.

  What is the purpose of core training?

   In fact, the main purpose of core training is to improve the stability of the lumbar spine and ensure the health of the spine and the whole body.

   When the core muscles become stable and healthy, it can reduce the risk of lumbar spine injury and improve the flexibility of the whole body and limbs. And a good core muscle group can improve the blood circulation of the whole body, not only can speed up the metabolism and fat burning, but also contribute to the formation of lean body.

   What are the recommended core training exercises:

   1. Sit-ups

   2. Extend backward

   3. Lateral bending

  4. Tablet stand

   5. Squat

   In order to obtain good stability in the core area, the first step is to improve muscle strength. Only with strong muscle strength can the core muscles be more stable, and can also obtain better muscle lines, better health, and a better internal environment. So most of the core strength training is to better increase muscle strength.

   Finally, in order to get better sports performance, we should also pay attention to the precautions of these sports,

   1. Exercise should be gradual

  The purpose of exercise is to maintain health and trim muscle shape. However, excessive exercise can damage your health and distort muscle shape.

   Novices should not be too anxious, but gradually increase the amount of exercise. On the contrary, excessive exercise will bring physical and psychological pressure, they will do more in-depth exercise after the body adapts to the amount of exercise and exercise time.

   2. You should keep exercising

  If you want to get good sports performance, you can't just rely on sports passion, but insist on exercising for a long time, so that you can get the expected sports effect and ensure good blood circulation and metabolism.

   Increase the training of the core parts and keep exercising, not only can lose weight quickly, but also make the body healthier and younger.

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