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How to walk to lose weight

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Don't underestimate the trivial matter of walking. The correct way to lose weight is also amazing! Today I will tell you the correct way to lose weight quickly. It is easy to lose 10 pounds a month.

How can I lose weight by walking? Brisk walking Weight loss method to lose 10 pounds per month

  Brisk walking is better than walking and jogging

   For those who take walking as their main exercise method, due to insufficient exercise frequency and too fast walking, the total exercise load is difficult to meet the health requirements that promote, and it is difficult to bring real benefits to health. Jogging is easy to get hurt and it takes a long time to be effective. Brisk walking is more effective than walking and safer than jogging. The exercise effect can be 30%-40% higher. This is one of the simplest and most effective aerobic exercises. According to research, the key to fast Weight loss is to walk 10,000 steps a day, each time for more than 20 minutes. Because it takes about 20 minutes to burn fat, it takes 10,000 steps to lose weight every day.

   Several ways to lose weight by walking fast

   1. Take a walk

  Walking, its steps and movements are more casual, and its speed is slower than normal walking. It takes more than 20 minutes to walk 1 km. Exercise fitness is not good. It is suitable for walkers, this ancient and difficult to move place.

   2. Walk

  Walking exercise, walking at the speed you are accustomed to, breathing is not affected, it takes about 15 minutes to walk about 1 km. The effect of exercise depends on the length of the walk. More than 30 minutes can achieve a slight amount of exercise.

  3. Active walking

   Vigorous and vigorous walking, the pace is greater than average walking, the speed is about 1 km for 10 minutes. Strenuous walking is faster, arm movements will naturally increase, breathing will be more obvious, and the standard goal of daily exercise intensity will be easily achieved.

   4. Fast walking

   Fast walking is simply accelerating the speed of violent walking, and the mileage will increase by 1 km within 8 minutes. The promotion of brisk walking should be adjusted according to the improvement of cardiorespiratory ability and muscle endurance.

   5. Race walking

   Race walking is the footwork of competitive speed. In the Olympic sports competition, the speed of race walking exceeds 14.5 kilometers, which is not easy to achieve without training.

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