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Can I lift my hips while practicing yoga?

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Can you lift your hips while practicing yoga?

  Practicing yoga can help us lose weight, build a good figure, and release work pressure. This is a healthy exercise. Let's see if practicing yoga can raise your hips.

Can yoga raise your hips? 5-style yoga makes it easy for you to have the ultimate small buttocks

  You can improve your hips by practicing yoga, because practicing yoga can help consume the fat in your hips and tighten the muscles of your hips, so it has the effect of improving your hips.

   1. The more fat and excess fat accumulated in the buttocks, the easier it is to sag. Yoga can promote blood circulation, burn calories and burn fat, and also reduce fat in the buttocks.

   2. Many people have swollen buttocks and sagging because their metabolism is slow and they can’t excrete toxins smoothly. Excess water and waste will accumulate in the lower body. Some postures of yoga can promote the smooth flow of blood to all parts of the body, improve metabolism, and promote the excretion of toxins in the body.

  3. Yoga has some exercises that can exercise the buttocks muscles and tighten the buttocks muscles, thereby lifting the buttocks and strengthening the buttocks.

   Yoga buttocks lift

  Bending torsion type

   Action essentials:

   Do warm-up exercises, let the body become soft through about 10 postures, stretch the limbs, and reduce sports injuries.

   Stand, raise the left calf and bend backward, grasp the left foot with the right hand, bring the knees together, straighten the right arm, and place the left hand on the right hip.

   When we exhale, we turn our bodies to the right. Feel the stretch of your left waist at this time. We should do five to ten yoga breaths and then practice in the opposite direction.

   locust salabha

   Action essentials:

   The locust-style practice steps are very simple. Even beginners can practice this style without stress. You might as well research it!

   Lie down on your stomach, put your hands down, put your arms close to your body, bring your legs together, and touch your jaw to the ground.

   Inhale, straighten your right leg up (bend your leg if you feel difficult), and keep it steady. Bend your left leg and press your left foot against your right knee or front thigh.

   When practicing this step, friends who have no basis in yoga should feel whether our buttocks have been exercised. This exercise should be continued for 10 times.

   leg stretch type

   Action essentials:

   Bend the left leg, stretch the right leg back, kneel on the mat, and place both hands on both sides of the left foot.

   Inhale, bend the right calf, grasp the right foot with the left hand, exhale, and stretch the right arm forward.

   After doing the above actions, keep this position for a few seconds and breathe 3-5 times. Continue to relax and prepare for the next exercise.

  Relax your arms, put your right calf back on the mat, move your weight back to your hips, then touch your right foot to the ground and straighten your left leg forward to relax.

   Exhale, use the abdomen, chest, and head to move closer to the left leg in turn, maintaining natural breathing. Repeat in the opposite direction.


   Action essentials:

   1. Lie on your back with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands on the front of your body.

   2. Bend your legs, keep your heels as close to your hips as possible, and touch your heels as much as possible.

  3. Inhale, slowly lift the buttocks, tighten the root lock (anus and perineum), experience the stretch of the crotch root, and take a few deep breaths.

  4. Hold the back of the waist with your hands to maintain a good balance, then slowly raise the left leg, stay for a few seconds, and then repeat this action on the other side.

   5. Exhale, slowly put your hips back to the ground, relax, and adjust your breathing.

   Tiger style

  : Action points

   1. Four corners are prepared, arms and thighs are perpendicular to the ground.

   2. Exhale adduction, left knee close to forehead, left toe lifted off the ground, and abdomen stretched.

  3. Inhale, straighten your left leg slowly upwards, try not to turn your hips, look up, and lift your body's center of gravity.

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