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Recommend three short-term and effective weight loss exercises

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In a fast-paced life, it is difficult for most people to spare a lot of time to exercise. Therefore, a form of exercise with short exercise time and strong Weight loss effect needs to be explored urgently. Three short-term and efficient exercises were introduced this time. These exercises are relatively peaceful and will not cause excessive exercise pressure.

   1. Rope skipping exercise

  Put two pieces of music and jump rope with the music for ten minutes, you can easily lose fat and shape your body.

   Rope skipping exercise can make the heart rate reach the fat burning range in a short time. It is a short-term fast fat burning exercise.

   Do not skip rope continuously for a long time at the beginning of exercise. At this time, you can use skipping rope for one minute and rest for 30 seconds, in the form of cyclic exercise.

   If you don’t have a rope skipping tool, you can use a virtual skipping rope.

   Skipping rope can not only burn fat, but also shape the muscles of the waist and abdomen, so skipping rope has the dual effect of burning fat and shaping the body.

   2. Open and close jump

   Jumping about 100 times a day can stretch most muscles. It is of great help to improve the blood circulation and metabolism of the whole body. It can not only trim muscle shape, but also eliminate edema and toxins.

   Switch machine jumping is an effective fat-burning exercise, you can get the effect of jogging for half an hour in 5-10 minutes.

   Stand upright with your back, arms and legs apart when the body jumps up. Continue to jump, and then put your hands and feet together. 5-10 minutes of cycling open and close jumps every day, you can get a strong slimming effect.

  3. Plank support

  Plank support is an effective exercise to reduce abdominal circumference. Especially suitable for people who are not good at sports and want to lose weight.

   Find a flat floor or bed, and support your body with your elbows and toes. Keep your head, back, buttocks and legs straight. Keep this position, keep stretching for 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and continue to stretch the plank for 30 seconds, and practice reciprocating for 2-3 minutes every day.

   Just a few minutes of plank support every day, you can easily tighten and shape the waist and abdomen muscles, so as to obtain a slim waist and abdomen, improve the effect of the exercise of blood circulation throughout the body.

  Exercise is a continuous process. You won't lose weight due to one day's exercise, but as long as you keep on exercising, you can get a good exercise effect. I usually don’t have time to go to the gym. Try the three forms of exercise described above. After a period of time, you can easily lose weight!

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