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Will I lose weight if I keep running every day?

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Whether it is running to lose weight or other ways to lose weight. As long as you want to lose weight successfully through scientific and healthy methods, the secret is only two words, that is, stick to it, will you lose weight if you stick to running every day? Let’s take a look today.

   Of course, you can lose weight by running every day. Running can be said to be one of the few exercises that can exercise the whole body, including arms, abdomen, and legs. These parts are easy to push fat.

   Jogging is a fat loss training, mainly to reduce your excess fat. Jogging for more than 30 minutes will consume 70% of calories, and jogging for more than 40 minutes will consume 80% of calories. Running for the purpose of Weight loss should not be less than 30 minutes, slower, and keep breathing evenly. 30 minutes of slow running can not only consume glycogen in the body, but also use fat in the body. And because jogging is not very intense and will not cause excessive hypoxia, it helps to consume fat and achieve the goal of Weight loss.

   Try not to run in the morning. Many of us may think that morning running is the best time, but this is not the case. The air quality in the morning is the worst stage of the day, especially in the foggy morning. Moreover, the human body just wakes up in the morning and is not suitable for large-scale exercise.

   The best time for running in a day is 5-6 pm, because this time is the most active time for human motor cells and metabolism. Followed by 8-9 in the evening, suitable for people to eat 2-3 hours of dinner. If you go for a run at this time, it will have a very good effect on the consumption of excess calories and fat. Running at night can also improve the quality of sleep and make the next day more energetic.

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