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Why is muscle training very effective for weight loss?

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When it comes to Weight loss through exercise, many people first think of aerobic exercise, such as jogging. But in fact, muscle training is also very effective for Weight loss. This statement has also been confirmed by many experts. Muscle training can not only exercise muscles, but also effectively reduce fat, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss.

  Why can muscle training help you lose weight?

   1. You can continue to burn fat after exercise.

   During muscle exercise, the muscle consumes a lot of oxygen and energy, so the breathing and heartbeat will be faster during exercise. In addition, oxygen consumption has been increasing for a period of time after exercise, and the rate of metabolism will continue to increase. Even after exercise, muscles will continue to decompose stored fat and carbohydrates to consume energy, so as to achieve the effect of burning fat and losing weight.

  Especially when practicing high-intensity interval training, the muscles will perform high-intensity hypoxia exercises in a short period of time. After exercise, the body will rapidly circulate and metabolize for a longer period of time, and the effect of sustained weight loss will be stronger.

  2, improve the basal metabolism speed

  Muscle training can improve lean physique and is also effective for long-term weight loss. The amount of muscle will affect the speed of basal metabolism. About 70% of the body's metabolism comes from basal metabolism. Therefore, when the basal metabolism becomes faster, more fat can be burned to achieve the effect of weight loss.

   When muscle training increases muscle mass, the speed of basal metabolism will also increase, which not only increases the fat burning rate, but also promotes the formation of lean body mass.

   Not only that, muscle training can also improve muscle vitality, improve blood circulation and metabolism, and achieve better weight loss and fitness effects.

   When you lose weight, you can’t just know about running and other aerobic exercises. Appropriate and adequate muscle training can also lose weight. In addition, muscle training also promotes the formation of a thin body and maintains a good body.

   Muscle exercise has many benefits, but it must be exercised properly. Three days a week is the best amount of exercise.

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