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Exercise is the best way to lose weight and an effective way to keep in shape

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Exercise is essential to lose weight. There are two types of exercise, aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. If you want to lose weight better, it is best to combine the two.

  The relationship between exercise and Weight loss

  Exercise is the key to successful Weight loss.

   The principle of weight loss is to consume more calories than calories every day.

   In order to maintain a normal life, the human body has a basic metabolism and naturally consumes basic calories.

   Seventy percent of the body's metabolism comes from basal metabolism. Therefore, if the basal metabolic status is good, more calories can be burned, so as to obtain better weight loss and physical fitness.

   But according to the different physique of the human body, the calories consumed by basal metabolism are different. Increased exercise in daily life can improve physical fitness and muscle vitality, so as to achieve better fat burning and weight loss effects.

  How to improve physical fitness, improve muscle vitality, lose weight and burn fat through exercise?

  Aerobic exercise

  Aerobic exercise is an exercise that requires a lot of oxygen. In other words, aerobic exercise is an exercise that puts pressure on the body and requires long-term exercise.

  The recommended exercise methods are: walking, jogging, and swimming.

   It takes at least 20 minutes to burn fat each time, which is an effective way to lose weight.

  Anaerobic exercise

   Anaerobic exercise is a short-term muscle resistance training.

   Common anaerobic exercises include: high-speed sprinting, muscle training, and weightlifting.

  Because anaerobic exercise is performed immediately, it has no immediate effect on fat burning. Anaerobic exercise has the effect of enhancing muscle strength and increasing basal metabolism, so it is very helpful to improve physical fitness, increase metabolic rate, maintain body shape for a long time, inhibit obesity, and promote lean body formation.

   Combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise

   If you want to burn fat while improving your physical fitness and metabolism, it is best to choose a combination of aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. This will not only speed up the burning of fat, but also become thinner and more stylish.

   I don’t have time to exercise every day, but I have to exercise more than three days a week.

   When losing weight, don’t just eat less. Only by increasing enough exercise can you lose weight faster.

Healthy weight loss

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