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Why did muscle training fail to lose weight

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Can muscle training every day lose weight? I often hear that muscle training can lose weight. In fact, not all muscle training can lose weight.

   This time, I will introduce some reasons why you can lose weight through muscle training and the reasons why you cannot lose weight through muscle training. If you are interested in losing weight through muscle exercise, please take a look.

  The reason why muscle training can lose weight

  Improve basal metabolism

  Muscle training can promote the increase of muscle mass and muscle vitality, and has a significant effect on the increase of basal metabolic rate and fat burning.

  According to relevant data, a muscle training can guarantee a high-speed basal metabolism environment for the next two to three days. In other words, one-time muscle training can achieve two to three days of Weight loss.

   tighten muscle shape

  After sufficient muscle training, the loose muscle groups can be tightened, so that the body is tightened in appearance and has a thin visual sense.

   When a loose muscle group becomes tight, it looks slim even without getting thinner.

  Why can't I lose weight even with muscle training?

  The number of muscle training is wrong

  Muscle training does not care about the number of exercises, but focuses on the burden of muscle training.

  Repetitive muscle training only increases the exercise pressure and cannot achieve any exercise effect. And it will increase muscle fatigue, which is not conducive to continuous exercise.

   It’s not a good thing to practice muscles every day. It is recommended to train the muscles every two to three days.

   Wrong muscle training time

   If the muscle training time is wrong, it is difficult to get the expected exercise effect.

   It is recommended to do muscle training at night to increase metabolism and accelerate fat burning. But the exercise time should end two hours before going to bed, so as not to affect the quality of sleep.

   wrong diet

   If you eat in the middle of the night, or eat more than the consumption of muscle exercise, it is difficult to lose weight no matter how much muscle exercise you do. Dinner must be eaten four hours before going to bed every day, and each meal can only eat eight full meals. In addition, pay attention to the intake of protein foods during muscle training, and each meal must consume more than 30% of protein foods.

   Only proper muscle training can lose weight and maintain a good body for a long time.

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