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This exercise once can continue to burn fat for 24 hours

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Muscle training is very popular, and some people insist on doing muscle training. But few people understand the benefits of muscle strengthening exercises. Muscle training can not only lose weight, but also allow everyone to have a more stylish body while getting thinner. At the same time, muscle training can also improve the blood circulation and metabolism of the whole body, which is the condition for good health and lean body formation. Not only that, 24 hours after the end of muscle exercise, the body can have a high-speed metabolic environment like exercise, and one exercise can get several times the exercise effect. Such exercise once can continue to burn fat for 24 hours, most people may not know

   After this introduction, stretching exercises, this set of muscle exercises can stretch the muscles of the entire body back. Only ten minutes of practice a day can effectively improve the circulatory metabolism of the back of the body, and the effect of slimming and slimming back and abdomen is extremely strong.

  1. Hold both ends of the towel with both hands and straighten your arms. Stand up straight with your back, look up, eyes forward, feet as wide as shoulders. Your toes splay outwards at a 60-degree angle to your body.

  2. Slowly adjust your breathing, then stretch your arms and upper body back, and move your pelvis and body weight back to your heels. Hold this position for five seconds, and then return to the initial position.

  3. Do the same stretching exercises about 20 times a day.

   Sports precautions:

   When stretching the upper back, the abdominal and buttocks muscles should be tightened, and no downward force should be applied.

   Relax your legs, and bend and stretch your upper body backwards at the same time, but don't bend it.

   Straighten your arms and straighten the towel. The towel should not sag.

   This set of exercises can stretch and stimulate the back of the body that does not exercise frequently, and has a significant effect on improving muscle vitality, promoting blood flow, and increasing the vitality of brown fat cells.

   Practicing for about ten minutes a day can not only relieve back pain, but also lose weight and shape.

  Aerobic exercise such as running is an effective way to burn fat, but if you want to completely change the state of circulatory metabolism and maintain a slim body for a long time, you must not lack muscle training How to lose weight healthy way

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