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Can swimming lose weight? How many calories can be burned by swimming

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Exercise is the basis of Weight loss, so everyone who loses weight wants to exercise. I don’t know what kind of exercise everyone does to lose weight. This time, I will introduce the effect of swimming to lose weight.

   Calories burned by swimming:

   It is said that a woman in her twenties and thirties who weighs 50 kilograms can burn 200 calories in one hour of walking. One hour of swimming can burn 600 calories. Different swimming methods burn slightly different calories, and butterflies burn the highest calories. In contrast, swimming is a very effective exercise to burn calories. Many benefits of swimming Blood circulation is very important for Weight loss.

   When the body's blood circulation becomes worse, the accumulation of waste products in the body will cause the accumulation of body fat and the inability to transport nutrients. This kind of physical environment is extremely harsh, not only cannot burn fat normally, but also induce diseases.

   When swimming, the body will endure a lot of underwater pressure. Massage the body to improve blood circulation throughout the body. It has good detoxification, fat burning, skin care and health care effects.

   1. Promote blood circulation

   For people who are overweight, sudden jogging or excessive walking may fatigue your knees and waist and cause pain. If you feel pain during exercise, it will be difficult to continue exercising. Swimming can reduce fatigue and muscle strain during exercise, because the buoyancy of water can make exercise last a long time.

   In addition, when swimming, you can use the pressure of water to shape the muscles of the whole body. This will not only avoid muscle dislocation caused by wrong exercise, but also help shape the body, with the dual effect of burning fat and shaping. How to lose weight faster

   2. Excellent weight loss effect

  3. Promote the burning of body fat

   Swimming is like doing a beauty salon for the whole body in the water. It can not only improve circulation and metabolism, but also shape and increase fat burning rate. It can be seen that swimming is an effective weight loss exercise.

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