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Teach you the correct way to climb the stairs to lose weight

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Stairs can be seen everywhere in life, but it is this ubiquitous thing that has become the favorite of lazy people to lose weight, because it can be obtained for nothing. Can climbing stairs lose weight? Let's take a look today.

   Stair climbing is a body aerobic exercise, which can warm the body, promote blood circulation in the body, accelerate metabolism, and fully burn fat.

  Climbing stairs consumes a lot of calories. According to the measurement of sports medicine scientists, a person’s calories consumed when climbing 1 meter is equivalent to walking 28 meters. Its energy consumption is 1000 kcal/hour, which is 10 times that of sitting, 5 times of walking, 1.8 times of running, 2 times of swimming, 1.3 times of playing table tennis, and 1.4 times of playing tennis. If you run up and down the stairs on the 6th floor 2-3 times, it is equivalent to jogging 800-1500 meters on the flat ground! Therefore, the correct stairs can achieve the ideal Weight loss effect.

   When climbing stairs, the body must lean forward slightly, including hand cranking and stepping, to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the lower limbs, maintain the flexibility of the calf joints, and enhance the function of internal organs. When climbing stairs, its breathing rate and pulse rate will undoubtedly increase, which will greatly promote the body's breathing and the function of the cardiovascular system.

  Pay attention to your legs. Every two or three steps, move steadily and vigorously, maintain even breathing, and don’t need to run very fast. Climb four or five storey high steps in a row, then relax your legs and walk down the steps back to the starting point. Every time you repeatedly climb the stairs, it takes about 1 hour. You have to concentrate on training to lose your thighs. One hour a day or one hour every other day, the legs will feel sore at first, if you hold on for a few more days, the leg soreness will disappear, you will find that your thighs will become fit and slim, and your buttocks will rise in a short time.

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