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Why do people who lose weight love to eat chicken?

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In fact, a muscle diet meal is easy to make, and many experts also recommend it. Today I will introduce you to a few relatively simple ones.

Why can chicken breast lose weight

· Very low carbohydrate and fat content

What do you need to know to lose fat? That's right, it is to control the intake of carbohydrate + fat, especially fat. Therefore, high-protein, low-calorie, low-carb, low-fat, low-price, chicken breasts are all in line, so why not eat it?

·Can bring a strong sense of satiety

Simply put, it means that you can stay hungry for a long time after eating. If you eat less and more meals, chicken breast must be the best choice. But in addition to these, it has another advantage.

·Low-calorie, low-carbon water but rich in nutrients

Each 100g of chicken breast contains 74% of water, 22% of protein, 13mg of calcium, 190mg of phosphorus, and 1.5mg of iron. In addition to these trace elements, there are also rich vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.

Recommend chicken diet meal

·Black Pepper Fried Chicken Breast Set

Chicken is rich in protein and high in water content, but the fat content is only equivalent to shrimp, crab and other aquatic products. Therefore, chicken breast is an ideal food material for slimming with high protein content and low animal fat content. With special black pepper sauce for cooking, it is delicious and nutritious.

· Xianglu Chicken Breast Set

Fragrant dew chicken breasts, chicken breasts are low-fat and high-protein, one of them is the best choice for Weight loss and fitness. Chicken breast glue solves the problem of chicken breast taste. At the same time, the addition of crispy horseshoes improves the taste. We refuse to use unhealthy cooking methods such as high-temperature frying, and use steaming methods to perfectly retain the original flavor of the food.

How to choose chicken breast how to lose weight

1. Fresh chicken breasts are tight in texture and slightly elastic, while stale chicken breasts are softer to the touch and have no elasticity, and even leave more obvious traces of fingers touched.

2. Fresh chicken breasts are clean pink and shiny.

So when buying chicken breasts, you should choose those with firm meat, a little bit of elasticity, powdery meat, and gloss. Everyone must pay attention when choosing!

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