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How to reduce the meat on the belly? 4 postures make you too thin to stop

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How to reduce the meat on the belly is simply the most important problem for women to lose weight! A big belly will not only affect the body, but also can't dress casually. How can you tolerate it, and quickly reduce your belly!

How to reduce belly fat 1, sitting posture

First of all, we sit on the flat ground, stand up chest, bend the knees together, lift the heels lightly, let the toes touch the ground, and put our hands back and put them on both sides of the hips, keep the upper body as straight as possible, maintain a straight line, and look forward. After half a minute, rest for a while.

How to reduce the meat on the belly 2, sitting and raising the legs

On the basis of completing one step, slowly move the soles of your feet off the ground, with your hands still behind your hips. At this time, you will feel your abdomen is exerting force. While keeping yourself steady, you should raise your calves as much as possible and use both hands slowly. Loosen it and place it on both sides of the calf. It must not be hunched, otherwise the desired effect will not be achieved.

How to reduce the meat on the belly3, sitting posture twist

After the second method is over, we will proceed to the next step of strengthening training. First, we sit on the flat ground, straighten the right foot, keep the state of tension, the sole of the foot is raised, the left foot is bent and the knee is closed, and the right hand is located at the knee of the right foot. Hugging your left knee, supporting the ground with five fingers of your left hand, and looking straight ahead, be sure to straighten your chest and back.

How to reduce the meat on the belly 4. Massage

The first step: first use the power of both hands and fingers to pinch the flesh on the waist and abdomen, and then squeeze it forward, using the tiger's mouth to grab the fat on the abdomen with force.

The main point of this action is to use the fingertips as the fulcrum, and pull the grasped fat forward. The whole waist and abdomen can be carried out in the same way. The other side is also the same massage technique, repeated ten times.

The second step: also use the power of your fingers to pinch the fat from the lower abdomen to the waist, as shown in the figure, grasp and massage the two sides in the vertical direction.

The main point of this action is to use the thumb and index finger of both hands to pinch it from the deeper part. There is no need to move to the left or right, and there is no need to shake. Just grab it.

The third step: Use the thumb and index finger to grasp and pinch the flesh on the abdomen horizontally with both hands, massage and knead it, and grasp it from the deeper part, the same as the second step.

The point of this action is to firmly grasp the fat on the waist and abdomen to stimulate and exercise the waist and abdomen, which are usually difficult to lose weight. There is no need to pour or knead in any particular direction, just grab it.

Step 4: Close the fingers of both hands, and then massage like digging down from the abdomen with the palm of the hand. The purpose is to drain the old waste material from the waist and abdomen and drain to the groin area of ​​the lymphatic outlet. how to lose weight fast

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