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7 kinds of weight loss "little assistant", eat more in summer to help you lose weight

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People take food as their heaven.” Although the hot summer makes our appetites picky, we must eat healthy and slim! So, what foods to eat in summer can best lose weight? What foods are there for Weight loss in summer? The following is recommended for everyone!


Cucumber is a very effective food that people who lose weight often eat. Cucumber contains a good substance that can inhibit the conversion of carbohydrates into fat in the body-glycolic acid. In addition to containing this substance, cucumber also contains a kind of fine cellulose, which is very good for promoting intestinal excretion and can also lower cholesterol.

2. Chili

Eat spicy again in the hot summer, and lose weight more! Capsicum is rich in capsaicin, promotes metabolism, inhibits lipid absorption, and is also a good expert in burning fat quickly. Be careful not to over-ingest hot peppers to avoid accidents.

3.Winter melon

Many people know that wax gourd has a diuretic effect. Winter melon is fat-free and low in sodium. Most of the fat people have too much water accumulated in their bodies, and their muscles are weak and not strong. Drinking an appropriate amount of winter melon soup can drain the excess water out of the body.

4. Bitter gourd

Bitter melon, which is low in calories, contains vitamin C and dietary fiber, has the effect of promoting metabolism and so on. Bitter gourd is very nutritious. The content of vitamin C ranks first in melon vegetables, and the content of sugar and fat is very low. It is more suitable for obese people.

5. Soup

Vegetable cold soup, melon and fruit cold soup, etc., as the first dish, are the best appetizers in summer. Eat more liquid foods before the staple food, so that the stomach is half full first, and you won't eat so many staple foods. Drink more soup before meals and eat less staple food to achieve the goal of Weight loss. Moreover, in summer, drink more soup to replenish body water.

6. Low-calorie beverages

In summer, many ice cream and other desserts can be seen everywhere. If you are not careful, a lot of mousse, sweet coffee, tea, soda, etc. will be eaten. Unconsciously, a pile of heat accumulated in the body. The weather is very hot, we usually drink a lot of drinks, but the appetite is still strong, so accidentally ingested too many calories. The following two refreshing drinks are especially recommended, so you can have no worries.

Yogurt Orange Juice: Half a cup of yogurt and half a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice (100 calories).

Lemon juice: Add 1 slice of lemon, 1/4 cup of pomegranate juice to most of the cup of water, add a few pieces of ice, and make a cool drink.

7. Fruit desserts

If people who like to eat sweets do not pay attention to moderation, all weight loss plans may fall short. The best of both worlds is to make your own dessert.

Crush the bananas, add low-fat yogurt, stir and eat directly, or freeze for a while, the taste is better, just as delicious as a smooth mousse.

Fry the peaches and berries into juice and add honey. Drink directly or freeze for a while. lose weight fast

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